We start off this weeks show with the Raw brand. Scott Stanford and Josh Mathews are ringside.

Match #1 Zack Ryder vs Drew Mcintyre

The bell rings. They lock up. Both toss and shove each other into the corner until Drew kicks Ryder in the head. Drew works by battering Ryder in the corner until Ryder bounces back. Drew gets irish whipped but catches the ropes and escapes the ring. Ryder goes up and over the ropes and connects with Drew. Drew gets rolled back into the ring, but rolls out the other side and capitalizes with a leg sweep down to Ryder as he attempts to get out of the ring. Drew side slams Ryders head to the apron. Back in the ring, Drew gets a near fall. Drew works on the neck of Ryder on the mat. Ryder connects with a few punches but then gets drop kicked by Drew, as Drew works on him using the ropes. Drew chloteslines Ryder for a near fall. Ryder tries to get back, but is chopped down by Drew. Drew is on the top rope, only to get slammed by Ryder. Ryder finally gets some momentum going. Then Ryder kicks Drew in the corner to get a near fall. Ryder goes for the LI but gets spine bustered by Drew, Drew gets a near fall. Drew lines up for a move but gets rolled up and defeated by Pin Fall to Zack Ryder.

Winner – Zack Ryder.

*Highlights of the contract signing from last fridays Smackdown is shown.

This match is brought to you by the Smackown team of Matt Stryker and Jack Corpella.

Match #2 Natalya vs Alicia Fox

The bell rings. They move around the ring until Fox punches Natalya in the face, grabs her leg but gets takedown to the mat by Natalya. Natalya works on Fox’s leg but gets up from the mat. Natalya continues to dominate with a Chlothesline and gets a near fall. Natalya rolls up from clumsy mistake by Fox for a second near fall. Natalya has a bear hug like move on Fox, gets Fox to the mat and works on her arm. Fox worms up from the mat but is taking down again by Natalya as her arm is continued to be worked on. Natalya has Fox on her shoulders, but gets reversed and Fox takes Natalya to the mat, then grabs her hair and slams to the mat. Fox hurts Natalya’s neck when she forced it from the mat to the bottom rope. Fox works on Natalya’s neck. Natalya tries to reverse it but is driven to the mat soon after. Fox is standing over Natalya and slaps her in the face. Fox then works on the arm of Natalya on the mat, and bites her nail off. Fox then wraps Natalya’s arm around the ropes and punishes her. Natalya gets a break as she lifts up Fox, but too much weight forced her to the mat. Fox punishes Natalya in the corner, gets a near fall. Fox gets rolled up by Natalya for a near fall. Fox continues to dominate on the mat with a leg lock to the head of Natalya. Natalya powers up from the mat with Fox’s legs on her head and back smacked into the corner. Natalya gets momentum and punishes and kicks Fox. Got a near fall. Natalya lifts up Fox with a suplex to get a near fall. Natalya goes for sharpshooter but gets reversed and kicks Natalya in the mouth and rolls her up for Fox to get pin fall.

Winner – Alicia Fox.

Match #3 Don Gonzales vs Wade Barrett.

Bell rings. Wade overlooks him to get slapped in the face, but quickly beats down Don. Wade punishes down on the mat and then to the ropes. Wade dominates Don further by kneeing Don to the head. Don gets irish whipped by Wade and gets side slammed to the mat. Don got a shot in but no effect on Wade. Wade lines up and connects with Wasteland, gets the pin fall.

Winner – Wade Barrett.

* the full segment between Vince and John Cena from last Monday on raw was shown.

This ends the show.

Thoughts – Thought it was an ok show. They hyped up over half of the show on MITB storylines leading to the PPV so was a little disappointed that i didn’t get to watch much wrestling, but they do that coming to every PPV.