Ever since John Morrison came back to WWE, he hasn’t had the best of luck. Is there a conspiracy against Morrison? Let’s take a look at some of the loses he’s had since coming back. His first one came at the hands of then World Champion Christian on Smackdown. Another came in a squash match against R-Truth, which should have took place at Summerslam this year, but it didn’t happen. Last week on Raw he jobbed to Alberto Del Rio in under a minute. Finally on Raw this past Monday he got a quick elimination in the IC Title Battle Royal. The only one-on-one win he’s ever had since returning was the Falls Count Anywhere Match w/ Truth, and there was no follow up after the match. Morrison is one of the most talented stars that WWE has. He’s proved to be arguably the most innovative talent currently in the WWE. I just think that he hasn’t been used to the best of his abilities recently. I know Morrison is not the most skillful man on the mic, but that doesn’t that he doesn’t have what it takes to improve. I hope soon, the WWE realizes that they’ve been dropping the ball with Morrison of late & do something before they run the risk of losing one of their premiere stars.