Jaw-Breaking Moments
By Ray The Rambler

Hey everyone, it has been a few weeks since I last posted a column. I have been busy with my education and life. I’m tied up eight hours a day with my education. I come home, get my dinner…i’m usually hungry so i’ll eat. I’ll do study, walk my dog. The worst thing about living the UK and to be apart of the Internet Wrestling Community, is the time difference. So therefore, wrestling , when its live would be usually around 1AM or 2AM when it starts and it finishes at 4AM. So I have to record them, I would stay up for it if I know it’s going to be really good, though. Anyway, I usually would record it, so it could be nine or ten PM by the time I get to come online to the IWC. So, I just needed a little break from it really. I just took a break from writing as I haven’t been motivated with all the work I have to do. Anyway, i’m back now. If you think i’m a great writer, I thank you, if you think i’m shit, I don’t give a shit, if you think i’m improving I also thank you!

Alright, i’m going to talk about some of the most jaw-braking moments in pro wrestling’s historic landscape. There have been numerous of shocking moments in pro wrestling, if their wasn’t, how many of us would still be watching it? These moments only come from time to time, these are what motivates us to watch it each week. We’ve witnessed endless memorable moments, i’m just going to write about a few. So, lets roll!

Vince’s Limo Blows Up
It was June 2007, the draft lottery show which was a special 3 hour event. Vince did something normal, what any millionaire would do, drive away in a limo, but as he closed the door on his big white limo, then unexpectedly the whole limo went up in flames. Okay, we all knew that their was no way in hell Vince was in that limo which went up in flames, we all knew it was a different limo which was blown up, and yes he storyline was cut short due to the Chris Benoit stuff. But none the less, it shocked the life out of us. Did you expect it? Did you see anything like that happening? I sure as hell was left baffled, shocked, surprised and I was indeed stunned. Now, it didn’t lead to anything after this, but still, it was a shocking moment.

Eric Bischoff is the Raw GM
I’m sure some of you seen this coming, but with all the tension, aggravation and conflict between Eric and Vince after the Monday Night Wars, who’d ever of thought Eric would be a WWE employee right after the guy humiliated WWE in their shows, as they called out RAW’s results as Nitro was live and RAW wasn’t, at that time. The dark history between Eric and WWE, especially to Vince McMahon, it was jaw-dropping to see Eric on WWE television. But as Vince McMahon once said, ”It takes a real son of a bitch to be successful in this business’.

CM Punk’s shoot promo
Ah, the most recent jaw-breaking moment was this shoot promo. It was ”The shoot heard around the world”, adored by millions. I don’t think that their were many fans weren’t shocked by this. The stuff he said was unimaginable, Punk had the balls to do not even John Cena would of have to do. Punk mentioned names such as Hogan and Heyman, and gave a very admirable shout out to Colt Cabana on LIVE WWE television. The wood on my floor nearly cracked as my jaw hit the ground when Punk mentioned ROH. Okay, Punk was probably told to do a promo little edgier that normal, but Punk took it too far and to extreme levels in Vince’s eyes. We then saw one of the greatest wrestling matches in the last decade as Punk took on Cena and the WWE title was actually made look worth something. So, this has got to receive a valuable mention on this list.

Edge’s Retirement 
This wasn’t an ordinary announcement Edge made that he was retiring, this was complete shock and emotion. No WWE official, performer, us the audience knew that Edge would have to hang up his boots for good until after Wrestlemania 27. Although he went out emotionally, he got his final match on the grandest stage of them all. After 13 long and battling years with injuries, Edge was the first wrestler to retire from WWE with the World Hevt. Championship. Edge will be more than likely inducted into the HOF this upcoming year, or the next year, he’s earned it. Such a n emotional night that was, I must of watched it numerous of times. It did come as a shock to all of us. I remember the IWC was buzzing with disbelief that day.

Formation of the NWO
We all knew Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were going to WCW, but little did we know that they would change the world or professional wrestling with three letters…N-W-O. Of course, with Hogan by their side, it really got fans grinding their teeth as their ‘hero’ betrayed them which received massive heat. NWO did to WCW what CM Punk did for WWE for a few months, at least, which was made wrestling fun to watch again. They were unpredictable, nobody had a clue what they were going to do next, nobody knew who would be adding to to the stable each week, what was gonna be said etc. You already know this, just pointing it out for sake of column. Each fan was supporting their loyalty to either WCW or WWF.  Both companies had interesting talent, both trying to grab them off the other side to their team. Perhaps Hogan in the NWO was the biggest shock in professional wrestling.

The Montreal Screwjob 
The year is 2011, fans are still talking about this. It’s probably the only ‘real’ jaw-dropping moment to ever happen in pro wrestling. Vince screwed Bret out of the WWE title. Vince had worries that Bret wouldn’t show up the next night on Monday Night Raw so he ‘screwed’ Bret out of the WWE title by basically in a way surrendering it to Shawn Michaels. This was talked about so much, I remember a couple of years back when I was on the WWE Universe forum, a thread was made for this topic and it had I think around 1000 posts with posters debating and arguing about it etc.

Well guys, that’s all I got time for this week. I know their is room for improvement in my writing, so i’m just trying my best to provide decent articles for the site. I can only fit one column a week in, I could probably manage to write two, but I need to just relax and rest my mind so not sure if I would have time for two a week. I enjoyed writing this, this is kind of something new to the site. Can’t recall a column about shocking moments before.

Anyway, what did you think of this column? I know their is some other huge moments I left out like Vince buying WCW or Ric Flair bringing to WWF Championship to WCW and so on, but as I said I only had time for what iv’e written. Which jaw-breaking moment is the most shocking from the list? Was their any of these that didn’t shock you? If you would like to give your opinion on this, please do, you don’t need an email address to comment so you can just pick a name you’ve chosen to go with. Thanks for reading.

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