I’m not really the fantasy booking type, preferring to branch off of whatever WWE executes, but I thought this storyline I concocted was pretty interesting. So, I’ve decided to share it with all of you. Now, normally, I would write out each week in detail, but to A. Save myself time, and B. To insure a better chance of you reading all of it,  I’m only going to give you the main points. BACKSTORY Instead of Mark Henry dominating primarily on the Smackdown brand, he’s going to be on RAW. Now, he’s going to take out the Big Show, Kane, Kozlov, etc,  and take on Sheamus, who still takes up the challenge of fighting him and thus turning face. The whole Henry buildup is just going to be RAW.  As for Smackdown, I have something else that isn’t relevant to this written up for the Blue Brand, so no worries.  Everything up to the Money in the Bank ppv is going to be the same. Punk beats Cena at Money in the Bank, walks out,  and Alberto del Rio wins the MITB briefcase. Here’s the first difference: Punk is only ever shown via “amateur” camera footage. A tournament for a new championship doesn’t happen.Vince is forced to step down, not because he lost control, but rather, because losing the WWE Championship is such a devastating blow to the McMahon family and embarrassment to the company as a whole. The WWE will be feverishly demanding the return of their property, threatening lawsuits, etc. John Cena, however, requests WWE take no action against Punk, because he lost the championship fair and square, and that he’ll get it back his way. He challenges Punk to his rightful rematch at SummerSlam, but Punk never officially responds. As we near SummerSlam, the big question looms; will CM Punk show up for the event? Punk can be hinting around on Twitter as to his decision. Turns out, he shows up, and retains his title. He signed a contract right before the match. Oh yeah, and HHH is still the special guest referee, and Nash still gets the text to attack Punk afterwards. The following night on RAW, Nash explains that he got a text from HHH’s phone, and is told to leave the arena. Later that night, Johnny Ace tells HHH that Nash was taken to a hospital. After HHH has left, Ace informs a beat up Punk that he’ll be defending his title once again, against John Cena. Due to his status, Punk loses the title. Cena vs. Punk III is made for Night of Champions.  During the NOC ppv, a backstage segment shows Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez laid out backstage.  Cena will pull off the win against Punk, but right after the match, Mark Henry, with Del Rio’s MITB briefcase in tow, makes his way down to the ring. He forces the referee to allow him to cash in the case on Cena. No one’s willing to stand up to Henry and take the case from him, and he walks out of the ppv as WWE Champion. The following night on RAW, Henry will explain that he had earned a title shot, and that he tried going to HHH to get one, but was told Cena and Punk were more important. So, he took his shot for himself, and he’d like to see someone try to take away what’s his ~looks at title on shoulder~. Cena responds later that night, and instead of going off on Del Rio like he originally did, he’s going to go off on Henry for not just taking advantage, but for stealing an opportunity that wasn’t his. That same night, CM Punk complains about HHH allowing “rogue superstars” (Henry) run amok all Summer long, and then do what he did the night before. Punk and HHH have been continuously getting into it with one another (the same as they did in WWE’s storyline). This is the point where Punk will break away from the title picture, and feud with HHH for a bit. The two will finally square off at Hell in a Cell. All the while, HHH will still be “losing control” of the show. Also at the HIAC ppv, Mark Henry will defend his WWE title against both John Cena and Alberto (sidetone: I had “triple threat HIAC match” written down before WWE.Ok,so not that big a deal, but I want you to know I didn’t just take this from them). Henry will retain, and Del Rio will then be out of the title picture. Del Rio can be the financial backer in the David Otunga/Disgruntled Superstars storyline.  Now, I’m only going to focus on Henry/Cena/Rock going forward… CURRENT/FUTUREHenry pinned Del Rio at HIAC, so Cena can have a buyable argument for a one-on-one rematch. However, Henry says that Cena’s rematch was at HIAC. Cena then tries to taunt Henry into a rematch, only to get this answer: “Cena, do you know how many World Title matches I’ve had during my entire 15 year? I do; ~sure to be low number here~! Do you know how many you’ve had in the last year? Neither does anyone else!” The following week, HHH will settle the dispute, making the match official for the Vengeance ppv , to take place October 23rd. When HHH announces the match, Henry gets in his face, “……Fine!” At Vengeance, Mark Henry pins Cena clean. Cena will plead for another rematch, but HHH is too busy dealing with other issues concerning the roster and other story he’s in, and tells Cena that if he wants another shot, he’ll have to earn it. Henry, however, wants to face Cena again, for his own sadistic reasons. There’s a problem, though, in that the next ppv is Survivor Series. The Rock will make an appearance on RAW  (2wks after Vengeance) via satellite, and announce that he expected Cena to team up with him for the event. With this new development, Cena tells Henry he’ll see him on December 18th, for the TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs ppv. This helps to create that big match feel. At Survivor Series, Cena and Rock will be the last two remaining for their team. After a bit of posing, Cena walks up the ramp, leaving Rock in the ring. Rock grabs a mic, and tells Cena to hold up a minute. He then proceeds to question Cena about whether he’ll be bringing the WWE Championship to WrestleMania, and adds that he presumed at the time they agreed to the match, that it would be on the line. Back to Henry vs. Cena…. Cena at some point between the RAW following Survivor Series and the RAW two weeks before TLC, cuts a promo telling the WWE Universe that sometimes, when it comes to taking down monsters, your best just isn’t enough; sometimes you have to equip yourself. He goes around the ringside area picking up/pulling out various weapons, or items that could be used as such, and details exactly what he could do to Henry with each. The next week, Henry counters Cena’s promo with one of his own, in which, he declares he does not need any weapons; he has brute strength. Their match is set to be a Tables match. The finish to this match comes when Henry hits the World Strongest Slam on Cena…through the announcers table. Cena is out of rematches, and he realizes it this time. Henry has “gotten bored” with him, as a cat gets bored with a toy mouse. The Rock continues to taunt Cena about not having been able to overcome and win back “his” title. This happens via Twitter, via satellite, and in person, like at the Royal Rumble… John Cena wins the 2012 Royal Rumble, which I understand will infuriate many, but bear with me. After enduring through the majority of the match (he came in early), Cena is the last entrant standing. He goes around, doing his poses, and such, when The Rock’s music hits. Rocky comes out with an unhappy look about him, and makes his down to the ring. He confronts Cena, the gist of which is, “Cena…you’ve let down the millions…and MILLIONS!…of not just Team Bring It, but also of the Cenation. I expected, the WWE Universe expected,…Rock vs. Cena for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 28, in The Rock’s hometown of Miami! Yeah, you won the Royal Rumble, but do you have the Championship? No.. you.. do.. not..b!tch!” ~Rock Bottom~ On the next night’s RAW, Cena says that The Rock is right. He’s let down himself, he let down The Rock, the Cenation, Team Bring it, and most importantly, he let down the WWE Universe as a whole. Some random high-midcarder comes out, and complains to Cena that he has also ruined the Royal Rumble, as he can’t have two matches at WrestleMania. These two compete in a match later that night. Between that RAW, and the Elimination Chamber ppv on February 19th, Cena comes up with and proposes a plan. He wants to use his Royal Rumble guaranteed title shot at Elimination Chamber. It takes a lot of convincing, but eventually whoever would be in charge at the time, see’s the money in Rock vs. Cena for the gold, and gives Cena another shot at Henry’s title. This time, Cena captures the Championship (c’mon now, he can’t lose every match to Henry). Disregard Henry’s rematch clause, as since the Rock/Cena match was scheduled first, it takes precedent. Plus, this kind of rematch skip would have happened to Cena with Survivor Series and TLC. Henry will have to wait until after WrestleMania to get his rematch. After Cena’s Elimination Chamber match, Rock comes down to the ring, clapping on his way. He begins to congratulate Cena on finally winning back the title, but the two keep slightly interrupting one another, as the tension builds. The two give up on communicating, and The Rock goes to exit the ring, only to turn around to go for another Rock Bottom. Cena counters into an Attitude Adjustment. Leading up to WrestleMania, the two are in various segments with one another, have face-offs, cut promos, tag together….all that good stuff. At WrestleMania 28, it’s not two mega-stars going head-to-head. It’s not Past vs. Present. It’s two completely different eras, two generations colliding! I’d book ______ to win.

———————————————————————– So, basically, the story is whether, or not John Cena can capture the WWE Championship in time for his big match against The Rock, at WrestleMania 28. All the while, Rock is taunting Cena. Mark Henry is a dominate heel, who’s a viable opponent for Cena to chase after for awhile. Hope you enjoyed it, I love feedback, so let me know what you think. Thanks for Reading, J. @J712v2