Welcome to the first weekly edition of the Top 5 Menaces Of The Week, basically in these entries I will reveal the top 5 superstars or wrestlers who I believe made a huge impact in the week of pro wrestling. So here we go.

5. @WadeBarrett – Wade Barrett gets the number 5 spot this week as he competed on both RAW and Smackdown to WIN both matches in these shows, to me it seems like WWE is finally seeing something in him and he has been on a role lately. When you beat the MITB winner Daniel Bryan, that means WWE likes you, how is it that a MITB winner who’s supposed to get a push, loses to someone who has been on the sideline? For further detail, Barrett has been spreading his word of dominance on twitter as he really is looking to become a top star in the company. This week we saw one of his tweets make TV on RAW, is this a sign of things to come?

4. @GailKimItsMe – Gail Kim, who made her return to TNA last week, made a massive impact as she completely destroyed Velvet Sky. And she also won her match against Tara this week, but prior to the match, she cut a GREAT promo talking about how it’s all about her now, and why she deserves to be called the best knockout in the world. To me, Gail Kim has made loud noise in the world of pro wrestling for the last 2 weeks. Everyone went nuts when they found out she would return, and I do think she had a lot to do with why TNA got their highest rating ever 2 weeks ago, after Bound For Glory. She had a lot to do with it considering the fact that everyone found out via spoilers that she was returning, to me that’s pretty impressive. I don’t think any other woman wrestler could’ve done the same thing. This is what I like about Gail Kim, she stands out, she’s talented, she can work the mic, she simply can do anything and knows how to cause chaos whenever chaos is needed. Not many divas or knockouts can do this, she kind of reminds me of a female version of CM Punk, doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about her, isn’t afraid to speak up, etc. I like it, we need this edgy factor back in wrestling, especially women’s wrestling. TNA seems to be high on her now, can she capture the gold and become new Knockouts Champion? We’ll find out!

3. @MikeTheMiz & @RonKillings – I don’t care what anyone may think about these 2, I know Miz has tons of haters, but the fact of the matter is that Miz and Truth have really stepped up their game lately, and its probably the best these 2 have done in their entire careers. Miz is finally being taken seriously, and so is Truth. The 2 have done nothing but cause chaos for the last 2 months, im loving it. They are right in saying that the fans are the ones who started all of this for turning their backs on them, saying that there’s a conspiracy within the WWE system, targeting the top stars, etc. It all makes sense, they want others to feel the pain they felt for YEARS. Miz and Truth have been so good that they have stole the spotlight from another tag team in Air Boom, who happen to be the tag team champions. Now I like Kofi and Evan, but when you have Miz and Truth making more noise than the ones holding the titles, that means they’re doing something right, they are a threat, they are top dogs. Period. And all they have done this week is DOMINATE, at Vengeance they defeated HHH and CM Punk, on RAW they took out Zack Ryder and John Cena, and on Smackdown they beat Air Boom who I previously mentioned. That in itself is pure domination, and they can only get better. Who will Awesome Truth target next, will they be named co-captains of their Survivor Series team? Possibly.

2. @JeffHardyBrand – Despite what his critics say, Jeff Hardy has recovered, he went to rehab and right now he is clean, which is good news. I’m happy for him, and that’s exactly why he’s in the number 2 spot. Ever since Hardy returned to TNA, he has gotten back the love and support from his fans, he’s been one of the top babyfaces on the show and every week his pops are getting louder, this is a good sign of things to come for him. Right now he’s feuding with Jeff Jarrett who is one of the most hated heels in TNA, this will be a GREAT way to put over Jeff Hardy, when the fans hate Jarrett that much, you know they will get behind Jeff Hardy to kick his ass. Jeff Hardy lately has been cutting decent promo’s, has a nice new entrance theme, and put on a great match against Bully Ray this past Thursday on Impact, a match that he ended up winning. The Charismatic Enigma is back everyone!

1. Robert Roode – Bobby Roode gets the number 1 spot in this week’s list due to the fact that he is the number 1 contender for James Storm’s world heavy weight championship, and Roode honestly deserves it after being screwed over at Bound For Glory. Bobby Roode has been pushed and build for months to win the world title, the fans got behind him and have been enjoying this ride for the last 6 months! At Bound For Glory everyone wanted to see Roode walk out with the World Title! And now he has the chance to prove himself yet again by feuding with his best friend for the World Title. This guy is a massive talent, who is portrayed as being an underdog, is a TNA original and much more! Can Robert Roode prove Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff wrong, can he turn his doubters into believers? This is the prime of Robert Roode’s career, he’s never been as big as he is now, he is at the top. Whether he turns heel or not, Roode will still be a top star in the company, simply put. This guy has made every wrestling fan make their voice be heard on twitter and all over the world, for weeks now the fans of TNA have been tweeting about how big of a mistake it was for TNA to screw him over at BFG, Hogan has seen some of the negative comments, so have Kurt Angle and Bischoff. When the fans want something, they mean it. And Roode is so much of a big star that he caused the fans to react like this to him, and have made many fans feel proud of themselves. Continue to make your voice be heard if you want Roode as champion, that’s all I gotta say!

That’s it for this week, hope you enjoyed The Top 5 Menaces Of The Week. I’m out, peace. @LucasTheMenace