It is October 30th which means it is Edges birthday. Edge was the Ultimate Opportunist, the Rated R Superstar, a legend and without question a future Hall of Famer inductee. Edges’ carear was sadly cut-short right after he successfully defended his world heavyweight championship against Alberto Del Rio at Wrestlemania 27. Edge knew one day he would be forced to hang up his boots, but little did he know when exactly this would occur. His farewell speech made me shed a tear or two, i’m not going to lie because it did. Most wrestling fans found this emotional and I don’t recall many people complaining about Edges’ carear throughout the years. I know more than likely you’d of seen this, but here is his emotional announcement on RAW that he will be hanging up his boots:

I was not expecting him to announce he would be retiring, but when Lawler mentions that he heard rumors and hope they wouldn’t be true, the first thought was I hope the announcement wouldn’t be the announcement he was retiring. Edge found it hard to speak, don’t blame him, it was hard to watch, most of us loved Edge, still do and I know I shed a tear or two watching this. A great performer, Entertainer and worked well with nearly everyone he stepped foot in the ring with. Here is his proper farewell speech the following night on Smackdown:

This was even harder for me to watch, the fact we knew it would be his last time in a WWE ring. Okay, we know he is going to be like Stone Cold for example, making appearances here and there, same with Shawn Michaels. It was such a hart felt speech, he really cared about his fans, he was so appreciative. The saddest thing about the whole promo was the fact he was forced to retire because of physical injuries, he didn’t want to retire, he was forced too and I think as a mark for a wrestler it is probably the hardest thing to watch as a fan.

Here is an Edge tribute video:

And you know you wanna hear it:

As Edge stated in his farewell speech, their is a positive possibility Edge will be involved with WWE again, unfortunately not as a performer, but perhaps a GM or some other sort of on screen role, perhaps a manager? I have no doubt he will appear frequently on WWE programming again, this is one of reasons why I watch WWE week in week out even when the product is dull and boring, the hope that the likes of Edge, Jericho, Mick Foley etc will soon return and just be there. I do not feel sorry for Edge in the slightest way, he has the highest number of belts in WWE history and had such memorable moments that will not be forgotten and will no doubt be a future Hall of Famer in the future. He was the Rated R Superstar, The Ultimate Opportunist and a true legend. He belongs in the list of greatest superstar evers with the likes of Hogan, Flair, HBK, Bret Hart, Batista ( 😛 ), Triple H, Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold etc. So Edge, On This Day I say Thank You and Happy Birthday!

Let me know your thoughts of Edge.

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