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o•pin•ion / əˈpinyən/


1. A view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.
2. The beliefs or views of a large number or majority of people about a particular thing.

Synonyms: view – judgement – judgment – mind – notion – idea

I must say I agree with the first definition but the second one I’m having a little trouble with. Either way, an opinion can never be wrong hence why it’s such a powerful word to me. Sure, technically an opinion can be wrong but when it’s someone’s actual opinion, it’s simply a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. I could tell you I think cats are purple. Sure, it’s wrong but perhaps that’s how I see them, making my opinion valid.

Opinion. Quite a powerful definition we should all remember.

I want to start transforming my article, The Opinion, into something more interactive which will allow anyone and everyone to give their opinion on the subject I’ve chosen to discuss in the write up. I will still be giving my view and opinion on whichever subject, but I also will be asking lots of questions. Questions I would like other people to answer and give their opinion which will induce more interaction and develop some great ideas. One thing I don’t want is people to get mean and nasty and start calling other people wrong, because as we all just learnt an opinion really can’t be wrong. Don’t forget respect goes a long way and keeping our own egos in check is a great quality to have.

This articles topic is about a subject that as wrestling fans we’ve all discussed and all talked about. It’s something we’ve all wondered and all gave our views and opinions on already in most cases. We’ve all played “booker” and have told our friends and colleagues who we think should be climbing the ladder or descending the ladder. We’ve all said who we think the champions should be and who should be pushed or depushed. In this case I want to discuss who you guys would hire for WWE and place on the main roster immediately. They can be from any other company such as TNA or ROH or even down in FCW waiting for an actual call up. Don’t forget, your opinion can’t be wrong. Here’s mine….

I personally would like to see Jay Lethal brought straight onto WWE’s screen. One of the few characters who I loved in TNA, Jay has proved himself to not only be a great athlete in the ring with high flying, eye catching manoeuvers but he’s also proved himself to be able to act and handle the microphone quite well. He was transformed hugely in TNA when he started to portray the “Black Machismo” gimmick and gave tribute to one of his idols “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Jay took that gimmick and caught the eyes of most everyone in the industry especially at first with people being skeptical on how it would end up. Even at first there were people who saw it as a sign of disrespect or a simple rip off, without knowing Jay had the blessing from Macho Man to go ahead with it. With the current roster on Raw and Smackdown I think Jay could fit in nicely especially if thrown in there with superstars such as Evan Bourne, Tyson Kidd, Dolph Ziggler, Sin Cara, Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston. The talent seems to have turned to average size men in the last few years and being oversized and jacked up doesn’t seem as important anymore. Also we’ve seen smaller performers have believable wins over the bigger men who have turned into more of a side attraction or comedy spot such as the Big Show or Great Khali.

Also let’s not forget who WWE has had in FCW the past year or two. Xavier Woods, AKA Consequences Creed who was Jay Lethals tag team partner in TNA as Lethal Consequences. The two worked great together and had some good matches with the other tag teams in TNA. Jay also made the “green” Consequences look a little more polished in the ring. Xavier’s skills obviously aren’t up there with Lethal, or at least weren’t at the time in TNA and I can’t judge how he looks in FCW as I haven’t seen enough of him to say. I do enjoy Xavier’s work and look, and think he has potential and I actually said 4 months before he was picked up by WWE that within 6 months WWE would hire him. Bingo. Why not Jay Lethal? He’s been free from TNA for some time now and I was hoping he’d be scooped up instantly.

What I want you readers to do is give your opinion on who out there you’d like to see hired and thrown right into the mix on WWE TV. There’s no right or wrong answer don’t forget, just expect to get ribbed if you pick someone with the skill level of Bastion Booger. Remember, respectful ribbing and don’t forget it’s simply your view on something.

James Bones