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Hey guys, welcome to the 11/12/11 edition of the Top 5 Menaces Of The Week. We have a lot to talk about as there have been many wrestlers who stepped up this week and have had impressive outings, sit back and enjoy as I give you my list.

5. The Hispanic 3 – And of course by Hispanic 3, im talking about Hunico, Epico and Primo as all 3 men made a statement this past Friday on Smackdown when they took out the Uso’s and defeated them. What was more impressive for me was the fact that Primo is getting momentum off of this and he’s finally on TV now, rather than jobbing on Superstars. It looks like WWE has something big planned for these 3 and I can’t wait to find out what it is. These 3 individuals really stand out from the rest of the locker-room because it’s something we haven’t seen in along time, it’s different. They are remorseless, they have attitude, they dress different, walk different and perform different and most importantly they are putting everyone on notice. Hunico has been scheduled to compete at Survivor Series in the team of Wade Barrett, it amazes me how quickly Hunico has been able to make a name for himself, and he doesn’t need a typical Mexican mask to be a superstar. Find out what’s next to come for The Hispanic 3!

4. @TheRealMorrison – John Morrison finally breaks his losing streak as he defeated the UNITED STATES Champion Dolph Ziggler! Now, not only did he snap the streak but he beats a champion, in an outstanding match, that in itself is impressive. The last thing anyone thought would be expected from Morrison, was for him to defeat a champion and now we find out he did just that, Morrison has been one of the biggest topics in the week of wrestling as everyone has been shocked by his performance, there was also talk about him all over wwe.com as there were written articles about him and his streak, is Morrison finally getting back to his old ways? Is he confident enough to win matches? In my opinion, he should be booked to have a match against Ziggler for the United States championship, have these 2 feud over the title.

3. @ZackRyder – Zack Ryder was in the main event of RAW this past Monday in England, the MAIN EVENT! This goes to show you how far Zack Ryder has come, he has made a name for himself and im proud of him. He wasn’t just in the main event, he was also John Cena’s tag partner which says it all, when you team with Cena, that means it’s big, it’s serious. Like Morrison, Ryder has also been the center of attention this entire week as the Zack-Pack hasn’t stop talking about him. The crowd in Liverpool England went NUTS over Zack Ryder! He’s a star now, and he became a star without winning a championship, and when you do that, you know you’re worthy, you know you’re a success. Now the question is, when will Zack Ryder be a full time main eventer? (Note: Ryder did lose his tag match, but still amazing performance by him)

2. @WadeBarrettWade Barrett has had a great week in WWE as he was named captain for his team at Survivor Series, and above all, he was in the Smackdown main event this Friday against Orton, a match he ended up winning in his hometown, home-country. Just overall an amazing week for Wade Barrett as he continues to dominate, continues to improve, and continues to be pushed to the top by WWE. Barrett is unstoppable right now and has been on a tremendous role, to me it seems like WWE has something planned for Barrett and I think I know what they’re doing with him. I believe we will see him face Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania for the World Heavyweight Championship, to me it looks like that’s the plan and hence why he’s been on a role lately, they wanna give him the momentum ahead of time so he can be considered main event material by the time Wrestlemania is here, and im all for it. I think Barrett has potential to be a star and I wouldn’t mind seeing that main event. We might even see him win the Royal Rumble. Now imagine that, a match between MITB Winner and the Royal Rumble winner, for the grand prize. Which ranking means more? Will we see Barrett lead his team to success at Survivor Series? Find out!

1. @AJStylesOrg – AJ Styles is this week’s Menace because of the fact that he came off a massive Impact. Firstly, he beat Christopher Daniels in a match and 2ndly, he earned a World title shot against Robert Roode at Turning Point. Amazing how all of this happened in just one night, and how quickly the spotlight has been given to AJ. AJ Styles is on a role and he’s coming after the title, will he walk out with the grand prize at Turning Point? I think we’re in for a great feud between both men and they will put on one of the best wrestling matches we will ever see, AJ is a phenomenal wrestler and has the mic ability, this feud has potential to be one of the best feuds ever in TNA due to the fact that both men are work-horses and overall total packaged superstars.

Alright folks, that’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think about this week’s list and I’ll see you next week.

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