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Survivor Series edition.

In less than two weeks WWE fans will be treated to one of the big 4 PPV’s, Survivor Series. Is anyone excited? Are you expecting something big to happen? Or is this PPV simply a cheap way to bring in some $$ by having The Rock return and team with John Cena? Although I’ve watched most Survivor Series in the past, I’ve decided this year I’m not going to watch as I have no interest in seeing matches I’ve already seen, and a talent enhancement match with The Rock/Cena vs. Awesome Truth. Who do I think will win? Obviously The Rock and John Cena with a confrontation between the two after the match. Here’s who I think is going to win the 4 matches announced so far. Yes, only 4 have been announced and we’re 8 days away.

Team Orton vs. Team Barrett – This so far is the only traditional Survivor Series match up and the only continuation of history this PPV has thus far. I used to love these matches as a kid because it seemed they actually tried to give us a story as to why these men are grouped together. This time, we have something a little similar especially with Team Barrett. The win? I’m saying Team Orton takes it and defeats the heels in this match. Only because I have a feeling we won’t be seeing much change in the other matches.

Mark Henry (c) vs. The Big Show – This is more repetition from WWE and almost seems to be a filler as the only reason WWE is having other matches on the PPV is probably because The Rock wasn’t up for doing a 3 hour solo show. These two do have potential to put on a great match but what I think is going to happen is nothing. Once again Mark Henry wins and continues his dominance. Perhaps this will let him and Daniel Bryan take the feud all the way to Wrestlemania now, which would be much more entertaining. What do you guys think? Is Big Show actually going to win? Will we see Daniel Bryan perhaps interfere? Or maybe we will have a swerve and Daniel Bryan will cost Big Show the match due to hard feelings from Big Show trying to tell him what to do.

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. CM Punk – Finally with Cena out of the WWE Title picture, these two can start to create a great story together. I enjoy both and think both have qualities that make them good champions, but I personally like to see the title on ADR right now as it’s someone totally different. Someone that just came to WWE not long ago. It’s a great leap of faith for WWE to do something like that so it goes to show you how much they trust ADR. Do I think he’s going to walk out still champion? This is a hard choice. They’ve been playing hot potato with the WWE Title a lot lately, but this is their one chance to get the title onto CM Punk in the big spotlight before Wrestlemania. Whoever comes out WWE champ here I think will go on to Wrestlemania as champion. For some reason I don’t think WWE wants ADR to head towards Wrestlemania as champ, and CM Punk will be given the win. Does is matter to you at this point who the champion is? Has the WWE Title lost credibility to you?

Awesome Truth vs. The Rock/John Cena – Obviously I think The Rock and Cena are going to win the match and make Awesome Truth look weak, but what’s going to happen after the match is what’s important. I don’t think the match will last too long as they’ll want to show a bit of tension between the two main eventers during the bout, but after the two will finally be able to confront each other. Yes, the crowd will get involved and I’m sure both men will get a microphone to play. Will they end up getting into it after sharing some words? I think so. I have a feeling WWE might pull the whole “these two need to be separated” and the trainers and such from the back will come out and “hold these two apart before they damage each other”. Look for a typical WWE ending here. Like I previously stated, I’m pretty sure this whole PPV is just to focus on The Rock, hence why not too much hype about other matches and repeat title matches.

Once again thanks for reading and leave your comments below. What will happen at Survivor Series?

James Bones