The PPV event that defined many great memories and début matches for some of the greats including The Rock and The Undertaker. Survivor Series is one of the big 4 PPV’s WWE offers and usual it’s a very solid card and show. This year marks the in-ring return after 7 long years the for The Rock. The spotlight is all on Rock/Cena teaming up to fact against Miz/Truth. This PPV is solely sold on The Rock being back, no matter who The Rock was with, it was always going to sell. I am going to give my predictions in bold on each match and under I have added in Lucas‘ predictions under-Neath the bolded writing.

Diva’s Championship: Beth Phoenix vs Eve in a Lumber-Jill 
I hate bashing the Diva’s every PPV, but I think this is a pointless match. There is plenty of Diva’s backstage who could be put into a tradition Survivor Series match, so why not create one? Lets face it, these one-one-one Diva matches are just boring, so a 5 on 5 tag team elimination match would of been way more interesting. On a positive side, I love Beth Phoenix and she is the best diva in the locker room to hold the title, I can’t see Eve winning this one at all. Beth will hold onto it until Kharma returns and they should have an interesting feud.

My prediction is that Beth Phoenix comes out victorious, lately she has been on the downside but come Survivor Series she will bring her A game and look to get revenge on Eve. All of that frustration that has been building inside Beth will be released on Eve, after everything Eve and Kelly Kelly have put her through, so I think the outcome is pretty obvious here. Beth needs to be victorious if they want the divas division to look relevant, sorry but the smart thing to do is always keep the belt on a heel so that the babyface can go after them, that’s always more storytelling/interesting. The match won’t be anything special, 5-6 minute match. WWE did nothing to invest any anticipation into this match, just threw the match in there like nothing, lack of promotion as always.

 United States Championship: Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison
This match shall not disappoint. What I love about Jomo, is that he made twatface (Miz) actually look good when Miz was WWE Champion. Miz had 1 or 2 solid matches during his title reign and they were against Jomo. So no doubt Jomo is a great performer, on the other hand, Ziggler is a great performer too. Ziggler is a phenomenal worker, this will be his second PPV in a row he will be wrestling two matches in. I’m going to go with Ziggler retaining, possibly by cheating somehow, not sure how. 

Okay, this has potential to be match of the night IMO, and of course I mean wrestling wise. A lot of people may seem to look down on JoMo and say he doesn’t deserve a title shot, but I beg to differ, any match involving JoMo is a win for me, the guy is talented and he will put on a hell of a performance, which im looking forward to. As far as Ziggler goes, he is as equally talented and if not better, becoming one of the biggest stars in the business. Granted, WWE did nothing to set up this match but the match itself will make up for lack of promotion. Winner will be Ziggler to retain, but JoMo won’t look so weak as he’ll be put over as well.

Team Orton vs Team Barrett 
I am really looking forward to this match. This type of match is a great way to see which wrestlers have chemistry with each other and it can have so many combinations of wrestlers to face off against one another. These traditional matches rarely let us down which is why I have fate in this match even though it wasn’t booked the greatest, some are made look weak heading into the PPV. No doubt Orton will be the last sole survivor in this match. But, what I would do is indeed have Orton left for Team Orton and Cody left for Team Barrett. Have Cody win Orton with help of Barrett…Cody gets another push and Barrett cheated for Orton to lose so this way they can have a single feud, but that won’t happen unfortunately.

This match involves too many champions, which is probably the only reason why the match itself is relevant in my opinion, aside from the fact that Orton is a major star. The champions looked completely week heading into the PPV, what the hell is up with that? And why wasn’t a champion named captain for Team Barrett? Oh well… I guess Barrett is the next big thing. This match will be decent, you will see a lot of back and forth action and a mixture of many different wrestling styles; brawlers, high flyers, technical wrestling, etc, overall it will be exciting to see the combination of it all. Can’t wait to see what goes down, but this match def. won’t end all the feuds we’re seeing. Winner: Team Barrett – They need to win so champions can look strong, same with Barrett.

 World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry vs Big Show
This feud was never going to consist of 5 star matches, there two gigantic men and with a combined weight of about 800 pounds or so. However, I’m really enjoying this feud, I loved what they did with Daniel Bryan by getting the shit beat out of him by Mark Henry on Smackdown last Friday, by doing this it hypes up Big Show as he is angry and more aggressive so you don’t want to miss it, so WWE are on ball with this feud. The last PPV was great when they reimbursed the ring, sure we seen it before with Lesnar and Big Show, but it was still a spectacular moment, one for the highlight reel! Mark Henry’s title reign is not over yet. I think he’ll have it until Wrestlemanaia where Bryan will cash in. Or, will Bryan shock us and cash in tonight? Slim chances but possible. I’m picking Mark Henry to win the match as I think Bryan will be the one to defeat him, whether it’s tonight or another time.

2 giants going at it, I think we’re in for one hell of a fight here, Big Show and Henry surprised us at the last PPV Vengeance, and they will surprise us again at Survivor Series, I believe a special stipulation should’ve been added to the match due to the fact that this feud has gotten more brutal, but nonetheless its going to be a warfare. This match will be long and I do see the fans getting bored of it, but in reality, the match itself won’t be as boring as you think. Both Henry and Big Show were built properly heading into the PPV so im glad they booked them right, and I’d be surprised if no one was into this match because I certainly am. Henry is simply a monster and I believe he will retain again, but will Daniel Bryan cash in afterwards? Hmmm, we’ll have to wait and see.

WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk 
Either this match or Ziggler vs. Morrison will be match of the night, these two are going to go at it right from the start to the end. ADR is doing a great job as a heel champion, Punk wants change, a new champion and wants that to be him. The problem with this feud is that it is overshadowed by Rock and Cena teaming up, but hey…that’s not a bad thing, we’re going to get more than 2 or 3 worthy matches. It is so unpredictable for me to pick a winner, I really don’t know who is going to win. I think it would be better to book the next couple of months for Punk to win, if Punk wins, he could face more opponents which are heels like Miz, Truth etc. So I’m picking CM Punk to win this match, it should be a good one. Maybe not a 5 tar match, but maybe a 4 star match?

This won’t be just a match, it will be a FIGHT. CM Punk has been wanting to kick Del Rio’s ass for the longest time now and come Sunday, we will see just that. Everytime Punk has wanted to attack ADR, Del Rio has ran away, but at Survivor Series he will have to confront Punk like a man. Great storytelling heading into the PPV, I’ve liked the entire feud and Punk/Del Rio work well together in the ring, I believe they have great chemistry wrestling wise. I’ll say CM Punk will win the WWE title to send the fans home happy, but the match will be entertaining as hell because both are in ring experts and submission specialists, who will tap out? Will it be Del Rio to the vice or Punk to the arm-bar? I believe Del Rio taps out to the vice!

John Cena & The Rock vs Awesome Truth
Well, this is the selling match solely due to The Rock returning to the ring after 7 long years since he last performed as a wrestler. We’ll see The Rock’s moves, The Rock’s entrance music, that is what sold the PPV. WWE are doing such a great job of keeping his character powerful. Miz/Truth aren’t important and they don’t need to be, they are not built as the unstoppable force who can’t be stopped, the outcome of the match and the ending of the match is what will be important, it will all lead to Wrestlemanaia from then on. Ironically Miz/Truth will win in my opinion, but it’s how they win is important, will Rock screw Cena, will Cena screw Rock? This is so smart from WWE putting Rock in a match before Wrestlemanaia, it gives Rock a chance to make sure there is no ring rust on a live stage and stuff and hypes up Rock going into WM. Something else could happen, could Mick Foley play apart in this somehow? We’ll have to wait to see and then we’ll find out.

I’m going with a twist and turn here and will predict that The Miz & Truth walk out of the PPV victorious, I think that would add a lot of element of surprise and honestly, WWE needs to come at us with a shocker in this match, so what better way to do so than to have Miz/Truth win? That would make up for their lack of contribution in this feud, and will make them look strong after being considered afterthoughts. This match will be simply exciting, fans will be loud, The Rock will bring it, Cena will bring it, but at the end Miz/Truth win due to mis-communication between Cena/Rocky. WWE did a couple of things right in announcing Rock’s return to the ring a month before and having the focus on him, that sold out the PPV tickets so smart on their part to put a lot of investment into the match, fans are ready for it and I can’t wait! This will be match of the night.

Well guys we hope you all enjoyed this. We’ll be doing this for every PPV now, it might be different people for next PPV, I think it’s good to do a column like this when people have different opinions and views on the matches. Leave your thoughts below and enjoy the PPV!