Do you remember when D-Von Dudley was a reverend?

Back in 2002, at the start of the brand split in WWE, Ric Flair & Mr. McMahon owned Raw & Smackdown respectively and had the opportunity to pick 10 WWE Wrestlers each for their brands. Flair wanted to start bringing in a tag team for his Raw brand by drafting Bubba Ray Dudley and hoping to draft D-Von later. Vince, however, saw through Flair’s little ploy and decided to draft D-Von Dudley, thus causing the first split of a tag team due to the WWE Draft.

Bubba Ray cemented his singles status as the Hardcore Champion, however D-Von still hadn’t stood out in terms of being a singles Wrestler. That was until we see the emergence of Reverend D-Von. D-Von had seen the light and decided to become a preacher and spread the good word of the WWE to us sinners.

Each week he would tell us what we are doing wrong as sinners and encourage us to see the light and change our ways (while taking our money in the process due to a collection plate).

Of course the gimmick didn’t go anywhere, but I would like to say something good came out of this character. If it hadn’t been for Reverend D-Von we possibly wouldn’t have seen the debut of Deacon Batista (AKA Former World Champion Batista). That’s right The Animal got his start on WWE TV as a Deacon for Reverend D-Von. He would accompany D-Von to the ring, holding the collection plate making sure no one steals from the good Reverend.

In case you forgot or never have seen the good Reverend, here’s a clip of him in action, along with the debut of Deacon Batista. OH TESTIFY!!!