Survivor Series 2011: A Live Recap
Written by Tim Boyle

You never forget your first time. Survivor Series 2011 was my first time ever seeing a Pay Per View live and in person. I had high expectations. CM Punk was in a title match, the possibility of a Daniel Bryan cash in is starting to become a reality, and some actor named Dwayne made his return to the ring after we all thought he was done for good. Here is my experience popping my PPV cherry.

New York City was abuzz with wrestling fans walking around. Every shop, restaurant, and brothel had a WWE logo in it. After grabbing a bite to eat among other fans, I headed back over to Madison Square Garden. There were what felt like 9 lines I had to wait in before finally getting to my seat. Chants of “We want Ryder!” were the loudest by the fans outside and inside before the show began. A few “CM Punk!” and one lone man shouting “Jo-Mo!” also echoed through the hallows of the World’s Most Famous Arena.

Dark Match:
Santino Marella defeats Jinder Mahal

You’d swear that this was the main event by the reaction that Santino got. The crowd gave him a huge pop. Jinder Mahal, well, he got nothing. Until he started his babbling. The match itself was decent, Santino started off strong and then Jinder got in some offense. Eventually Santino became the victory which would have caused a riot if he hadn’t.

Match 1:
Dolph Ziggler defeats John Morrison to retain the US Title
The match was finally with “We want Ryder!” chants. It was a pretty good much. A bit tough to pay attention because we were ALL hoping that Ryder would run out and somehow become involved in a triple threat. Vickie Guerrero walked around the ring in a shiny red outfit covering her ears at the sound of the Ryder chants. She eventually was ejected for interfering, but that didn’t matter. John Morrison missed a starship pain as he always seems to and that helped Dolph Ziggler win. Following the match Vickie came back out and her and Dolph hyped up what a great performance it was. Ryder came dashing out and brawled with Ziggler for a bit. He eventually chased him off and this allowed Ryder to pose in the ring with 10,000 people chanting his name. We were all upset that he didn’t get a chance to win the title in front of his home town. I even heard a fan outside afterwards say that was the worst part of the show. He’s not that far off either.

Match 2:
Beth Phoenix defeats Eve Torres in a Lumberjill match
I never mind Lumberjill matches because it gives me a chance to look at all of the divas. I’m a human male. It’s what drives my soul. Beth Phoenix was by far the face of the match. Nobody wanted to see Eve win. There isn’t much to note about the match except for the finish. It’s rare to see a divas match end with the two women jumping off the top rope, but when Beth Phoenix is involved you should always expect the best.

Match 3:
Team Barrett defeats Team Orton in a traditional 5 on 5 Survivor Series elimination tag team match (I’m out of breath)

The main theme of this match seemed to be rooting for Cody Rhodes. The fans barely cared about anyone else in the match. The first to be eliminated was Dolph Ziggler who was doing double duty for no real reason at all. Sin Cara was injured shortly after which caused the rest of the men to aimlessly wander around the ring trying to figure out what to do next. Cara will be out for a couple of months now due to the leg injury which is a shame because he had already had to fake an injury due to violating the wellness policy. Cara was eliminated due to the injury, followed by Mason Ryan who the crowd hated. Next was Kofi and then Sheamus who was disqualified. This left it to be Randy Orton against the four remaining members of Team Barrett. Sheamus gave a kick to Swagger’s face after being eliminated and that gave Orton an easy elimination. Hunico lasted a while longer, but was RKO’ed after diving off the turnbuckle. Now al that was left were Rhodes and Barrett on Team Barrett. Orton had put up a good fight, but Team Barrett would be victorious this time. I thought this was a pretty lousy match for the most part. It felt way too long and there was nothing really riding on winning. The teams were haphazardly put together (as they have in many years past). Maybe a new feud or two can come out of this. Otherwise it felt like a waste of a “tradition.”

Match 4:
Big Show defeats Mark Henry via disqualification for the World Heavyweight Title
After reinforcing the ring by putting police tape around it for a few minutes (?) the opponents were introduced. The match seemed to be two large athletes crawling around in the middle of the ring and they were met with chants of “Boring!” The entire match was set around two spots. One was Mark Henry knocking Big Show through the barricade. This got chants of “Holy shit!” going. I wasn’t all that impressed. The next spot though blew me away. With Henry lying in the ring in pain, Big Show went to the top turnbuckle. I was nervous. My anus clenched up. There was no way this 440 pound man was going to dive across the ring onto another huge man. Big Show seemed nervous. He bounced up and down trying to get his balance and then went for it. A flying elbow onto Henry which landed perfectly. They got up and not much after, Henry gave Big Show a low blow to disqualify him. Henry grabbed a chair to break Show’s leg with, but it backfired and he ended up getting his leg smashed into a chair. Chants of “Danielle Bryan!” began. We wanted a cash in, but it never came.

Match 5:
CM Punk defeats Alberto Del Rio to win the WWE Title
This was a great match and not just because I’m a fan of them both. CM Punk shirts were all over the arena. Every cute girl had one. It was a very fast paced match with a couple of really nice spots. Nothing like a 440 pound man diving through the air, but still good nonetheless. I don’t have much else to say about the match. I wouldn’t do it justice. It ended with Punk getting Del Rio to tap out which always gives the loser a reason to want revenge. I’m expecting an epic TLC match at TLC between these two.

Match 6:
The Rock & John Cena defeat The Awesome Truth
Finally the main event. John Cena had been booed the entire evening. During an earlier promo by The Rock, he seemed to revel in the fact that everyone was there to see him, not Cena. Then The Rock came out. The first time we saw him live. It wasn’t as great as I would have wanted it as he had already delivered an awesome promo earlier in the night backstage. Still, to know I was now in the same room as the Great One was amazing. If I was an ass, I could have probably thrown something and nearly hit him. The match started with The Rock in the ring and he dominated. Cena wanted a tag in and Rocky gave him a reluctant slap. Cena was absolutely buried in the match. He looked terrible. After getting his ass kicked while in the ring, Cena missed a few hot tags, but finally The Rock returned to the ring. He cleaned house and picked up the victory. Post match he posed in the ring then invited Cena back. They took turns going on the turnbuckles and seeing the crowd’s reactions. The Rock, massive amounts of cheers. Cena, the complete opposite. Rocky gave him a Rock Bottom and then that was pretty much it. If nothing else, the match showed that The Rock hasn’t lost anything. I’m excited for Wrestlemania now.

Post Show:
After the show went off The Rock grabbed a microphone and tried to thank the fans. We were asses and kept yelling other things at him. The confidence that man has in front of all of those watching eyes never ceases to amaze me. They don’t make wrestlers like him anymore.

I think this was a nice PPV for me to “bust my cherry” on. I got to see a legend, one of my favorite guys win a title, and Kaitlyn had her ass aimed toward me during the Lumberjill match. Those three things combined made for an enjoyable experience.

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