Good day to you all, I hear it’s thanksgiving across the sea so I hope you all are having a safe and great holiday break for those of you who don’t have to work this week. I am going to give my thoughts on WWE’s Survivor Series PPV, I’ll go down through each match and please give me your feedback/opinion etc. You don’t need an email address to comment or anything, you can post anonymously, enjoy!

I was excited and looking forward to this PPV as we have been all anticipating The Rock’s in-ring return after 7 long years, I was expecting this to be the only important happening of the night, but boy was I wrong! I would say this was WWE’s second best PPV of the year, right after Money in the Bank PPV. I’ll go through each match and give my thoughts on them.

Match #1 – United States Championship Dolph Ziggler (c) vs John Morrison
In my preview for Survivor Series, I predicted this would be the match of the night, it may not have been match of the night, but these two guys proved why WWE should not let them go and that they should make major plans for them in the future. Morrison and Ziggler put on a main event quality match. This was the perfect show opener. I’m hoping we’ll see a feud between these two, it brings quality young stars to the ring and prestige to the US title belt what it is meant to indicate, prestigiousness. Both Ziggler and Morrison have the capability to be involved against each other in a long feud. They would bring you the ”at the edge of your seat feeling”, competitive matches etc. So I hope WWE will have a feud for these two coming up.

Match #2 – Divas Championship – Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Eve
Now I don’t like bashing the divas, well I don’t really bash them, I just never have much positivity to say about them. This was a sloppy match and the lumberjacks were useless and pointless. Like, there wasn’t much action or excitement and the match itself just didn’t seem important, they didn’t give us a real reason to even watch this in the first place. The crowd was dead. The announcers seemed bored, at least to me anyway, now they know how we feel listening to them 5 hours a week! However, the match ending was phenomenal and I give full credit to Eve for taking that Glam Slam off the top turnbuckle so well.

Match #3 – Traditional Survivor Series Match – Team Orton vs. Team Barrett
This was a reasonable match. I feel bad for Sin Cara, the guy just started his career for the biggest wrestling company in the world and he gets injured, I hope he recovers as soon as possible and gets back into the ring sooner rather than later. It’s hard to write about this match to be honest, it was reasonable but nothing amazing happened in it. The highlight of the match was probably Cody’s cross-road to Mason Ryan and then getting the pinfall. It made Cody look really good.

Match #4 – World Heavyweight Championship – Mark Henry (c) vs. Big Show
Well, no doubt this was a HEAVYWEIGHT match, these two guys are huge! It wasn’t really a great match, I heard some ”boring” chants during it and I have to say I don’t think it was that boring. I think these two are doing a lot better in this feud that what was expected of them. The way Henry won, by getting DQ’d was a little annoying to say the least. Like, WWE hype up great promos, make the champion look strong, dominating etc. and he wins by kicking his opponent in the balls so he will get DQ. Henry isn’t that type of heel who would do that, it’s what JBL did, but their different types of heels. Using a weapon or something to get DQ or make Big Show get counted out would of made more sense and made Henry look stronger that just kicking Big Show in the balls.

Match #5 – WWE Championship – Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. CM Punk
First I want to start off by saying it was great to see Howard Finkel announcing CM Punks entrance. Himself and JR are just the greatest non-wrestlers on the mic, they’re naturals. I have to give this the wrestling match of the night, a great performance by both of these men. The crowd were electric, usually NY crowds are anyway. ADR and Punk made the belt WORTH fighting for, it had prestige. I wasn’t 100% sure who would win, it was unpredictable, I guessed Punk to win it and I was right, obviously since he won. The finish of the match was awesome, it kept you on the edge of your seat, or in my case on the edge of my sofa. Gigantic pop for Punk as he won the match to become the NEW WWE Champion! Not a whole lot more I can say about this match other than it was match of the night and a joy to watch.

Match #6 – Never Before, Never Again – The Rock/Cena vs. Awesome Truth 
This was awesome, wasn’t match of the night in terms of wrestling, but this match was exciting as fuck! Yes, exciting as FUCK! I Enjoyed Cena’s “They love me here!”, that was class! Then, the great ones music hits! The great one walks to the ring and starts the match! It was a mark out moment to see The Rock wrestle again. It was a moment which brought a joyful tear to your eye. The Rock was back in a WWE ring performing, it is simply magical. I was surprised he was that good, I thought he would be a little ring rust on a live stage and crowd but by ”gawd” was I wrong? Yes, I was. This match showed that The Rock WANTS to wrestle and gave you a feeling you can’t miss WM 29, well do you want to miss Rock wrestle against John Cena Wrestlemania? I sure as hell don’t. That is going to shatter all previous buy rates. The thing I loved most about this match was The Rock and his attitude towards Cena. The Rock came off as a little of an asshole to Cena, started taunting him like you would as a character on a video game and then gave him a Rock bottom when the match was over. I don’t get why The Rock hates John Cena so much. Cena didn’t really do much to piss him off that much. There is still months to Wrestlemania so a lot will be happening in between then for Rock and Cena feud.

Overall it was a good show, second best of the year, right after Money in the Bank, it was worth the money I payed in my opinion. WWE is beginning to get interesting again, Punk is new WWE Champion, Rock and Cena is going to get heated up even more, Undertaker and Kane should be both returning soon and will Chris Jericho? 

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