We’re four days removed from Survivor Series 2011 that came to us live from Madison Square Garden in New York, and honestly? It could have been a whole lot better. Some of the matches bored, me; most notably Show vs Henry and my thoughts reflected back to me through my TV when the Garden shouted “BOOOOOOORING!” I’d probably say that my favourite match was Dolph Ziggler versus John Morrison which was the opening match, this isn’t good for WWE; obviously they can’t please everyone but when the opening match gives us better wrestling than the rest of the card then WWE have a problem in more than one way. Dolph Ziggler, for the record, SHOULD be main-event. If he drops the US title to Ryder not only would WWE capitalise on Ryder’s fan base but it would also free Ziggler up for a WWE title run. Ziggler and Punk squared off in the middle of the ring on RAW and for me, I loved every single second of it. WWE should capitalise on this one also, who’s in favour of a Punk/Ziggler feud? ME PLEASE!

I ever so slightly weren’t off the record there so let’s get back on track: Ryan’s Favourite Photos presented by Wrestling Rambles!
I decided that this week I would do another Survivor Series themed article, this time showing some of my favourite shots from Survivor Series just past, so without any further delay’s let’s get started.

The Rock’s signature salute.

We seen the in-ring return of one of my all time favourite’s and possibly some of you guys checking in here with me. The Rock showed us on Sunday night that he has not lost it and never did. Putting #BootsToAsses he showed R-Truth and The Miz what was really up. Cena got dominated during this match which all too soon got stale for me which is why this match let me down. I thought at first “hey, Cena’s being beat down, let’s get the popcorn out and enjoy this while it happens”. But after a minute I got bored. This match wasn’t about R-Truth or The Miz, it was about the two WrestleMania headliners and The Rock impressed me. Here in this shot we can see The Rock throwin’ his hand in the air like he just doesn’t care, and quite frankly he probably didn’t, just another cheque lodged in his account.

Big Show like a duck out of water!

Holy Moly it took a long time coming, especially when he got up to the second rope and contemplating whether or not it would A) pay off and B) look in the least bit normal well Show, guess what? IT DIDN’T… for either. He made minimal contact (maybe I’m being too critical, tell me if I am) therefore all that contemplating was for nothing and secondly, he looked too damn strange falling from the air. Big Show, the moral of the story here is: gravity is certainly NOT your friend! Caption Smooth jump in, I’m sure you’ve got a caption lined up for this one!

CM Punk dives into the Garden crowd.

This is the sort of picture that is timeless. When CM Punk looks back at this photo he is going to remember the moment that the 16,749 strong crowd in Madison Square Garden roared with happiness when he defeated Alberto Del Rio and captured the most prized possession in the wrestling business (despite it being a hot potato of sorts recently). CM Punk knew no other way to celebrate than to jump into the crowd members. Great photo and great moment in Punk’s career.

Cena hits Rock Bottom.

I had a feeling this was going to happen. Many said the opposite of this would happen that Cena would turn heel attacking The Rock but because these rumours swing around every PPV I dismissed them as per usual. Cena won’t turn heel, if he was going to turn heel it would have happened at Survivor Series. WWE had the crowd in the palm of their hands and could have easily turned Cena heel. But I read something on another site where they said that many of us don’t realise that Cena plays the part of both a babyface and a heel. He got booed out of MSG, like a typical heel. He ignored those boos, like a heel. What do you guys think about this? If you’s want the link I’ll give it to you. Back to the photo in hand: The Rock won the match and shortly followed it up with a Rock Bottom to Cena, who quickly bounced out the building. The Rock still has it! Cena’s face sums this photo up, hoping to see a few captions from this shot.

Beth Phoenix drives Eve into the mat with a top rope Glam Slam!

Call me silly, call me stupid but this was the standout moment for me from Survivor Series. Sure I remember Punk winning, Cena hitting Rock Bottom, Ziggler/Jomo brilliant match and Show falling from grace but when I think of Survivor Series 2011 the first thing that enters my mind is either “shit what an awesome Divas finish” or else “Shit how did Eve’s implants not explode” But then I remember that Eve is an au natural babe and man, there is only one thing to say about Eve: “SHUCKY DUCKY QUACK QUACK!” Eve and Beth had an awesome match at Vengeance and whilst the match at Survivor Series didn’t quite live up to the Vengeance match the ending pulls this match up and left my jaw on the floor. Divas are improving, no doubt about it! P.S Eve if you see this… call me.

That’s a wrap folks! Glad I could give you some shots to look at, hope you liked this article and Survivor Series. Please give your comments and captions below! Appreciate it, until next week, C-YA!