The time you’ve all been waiting for is here. Earlier than expected but this will be the new time for the Fave Photos so let’s roll on with the show. This week I present you with some funny photos. I may also decide to carry the funny aspect on to next week as I had a few extra photos I was going to include. I sure as hell laughed at these photos and I hope you all have the same wicked sense of humour that I do! Let’s launch into the chuckle fest 5…4…3…2…1 GO

MVP scraps the Ballin’ and starts the Creepin’

Photos like these crack me up, the caption almost makes the photo good on it’s own but the face that Jeff has decided to pull is so funny. He clearly wasn’t expecting MVP to start creepin’. This photo looks like it was taken from a live event therefore I don’t know many details of it. All I know is that it gave me something to chuckle about!

Brock get’s close to Kurt!

Who knew that both Kurt Angle, possibly the best wrestler ever and Brock Lesnar the F5-ing monster could ever develop such feelings for each other? You reading this line word for word for word sure as hell didn’t! It seems our friends Brock and Kurt; now renamed Brourt (for those who didn’t catch that it’s the first 3 letters of BROck and the last 3 letters of kURT combined… I know I should be a literature technician.) got closer than the shooting star press Brock tried to deliver on Kurt back in their WrestleMania match. I don’t remember the storyline surrounding this; I think it was something to do with Brock getting into Kurt’s head. Yes these my friends were the days of creative excellence. P.S person reading this… I can see yo’ touchin’ ya’ thang!

Who’s face looks more like a Gorilla?

Well… I’m going to give this one to John Cena because not only does his face look like a gorilla but so does his body. Randy looks more like a botox filled man then again with that being said I’m not sure whether a botox filled face could curl the lip like so. Also in this picture we can see Cena’s boobs and all too much of Randy’s package… No not the roll up pinning package. Mike Chioda can also be seen taking a peak or three downstairs.

Mickie and Trish get comfortable.

Well for all those wondering why I found this funny I’ve got one word for ya: Anal! Mickie back then was obsessed with Trish Stratus, I think at one point greeting Trish as she got out of the shower (correct me if I’m wrong) and also planting a smooch on the lips of Stratus. But in this picture we can see that all Mickie wanted to do was satisfy (or should that be Stratusfy) Trish in the downstairs region. Oh the filth!

Bischoff’s time is up.

Many didn’t like Bischoff for starters and plenty loved Teddy Long, so when Survivor Series 2005 rolled around and Bischoff was in an epic duel with Long in a singles match one person in particular stood out from the crowd and showed Bischoff how much he didn’t like the match. His name was none other than the Boogeyman. Eric was struck with fear and a touch of the runs as we can guess from this photo.

That’s all from me for this week. I hope you found these bunch of photos as funny (or awkward) as I did. Comment or like if you wish but the main goal for this article was to make ya laugh.

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