“Hey Tim I got 2 questions for you, What happen to rambling Recap, and what is going on with your own show at T5XAsylum.com”

Good Question, I am also wondering why WWE has a huge hardon for twitter too

“That isn’t what I asked…”

For weeks now we have seen WWE abuse twitter, with moments like “WHAT IS TRENDING NOW” and “FOLLOW WWE WITH @WWE #RAW #SMACKDOWN #ANALLUBE” or whatever they want. It is getting so bad that the WWE is even having a teaser in their twitter bar. They know have in place of the old WWE Universe (aka a thriving threshold of garbage and trolls) is something called WWE InterACTION!, which is just TWITTER…. That is all what WWE interACTION is, another form of twitter, that uses twitter, so people can read more tweets, about their crappy shows. How censor heavy is the tWWEet machine, I cannot say, because I already use twitter on 3 different mediums. Twitter.com, Tweetdeck, and my phone… So why in the blue hell of stupid would I want to connect to a 4th form of the same old shit.

But the abuse does not stop there, WWE should know that this love with twitter will also come with tons of hate. For example, many of the trending topics have come from the recently release. One making the biggest impact was KaVal, or Low-ki. Jumping straight to the top of the trending topics once word broke of his release. Daniel Bryan also had his name in the spot light once news of wwe’s unknown policy of tie choking was brought up. The Point is, WWE should be careful with what they plug, because twitter, while known as a social media micro blogging site, there is nothing micro about it. Twitter has cause some of the most powerful impacts in modern culture…

The power of twitter…
= Twitter is banned in China; however, many Chinese people use it anyway. In 2010 Cheng Jianping was sentenced to 1 year in a labor camp for a sarcastic post on Twitter.
= British Prime Minister threatened to shut down Twitter completely in that country in response to the civil unrest of 2011, though he is yet to carry this out.
= Twitter was inaccessible in Egypt on 25 January 2011 during the 2011 Egyptian protests. Some news reports blamed the government of Egypt for blocking it, and Vodafone Egypt, Egypt’s largest mobile network operator, said it wasn’t their action; however, Twitter’s news releases did not state who the company believes instituted the block. As of January 26, Twitter was still confirming that the service was blocked in Egypt.

Keep in mind these are major governments that wanted twitter down, or tried to block twitter in their countries one way or another. While WWE may never hold that much power (in which case, no one tell Vince McMahon this or couple dozen people will get fired) twitter has the ability to stop WWE in their tracks… and while it hurts to say it, the best way to stop wwe and twitter, is to support TNA when Raw, Smackdown or WWE Pay per views are on. The WWE is insanely inlove with something that can also hurt them, and in the mean time it is hurting us, no one cares what “superstar” tweeted earlier about taking a number 2 while thinking of the match ahead of time… I just want to know about the match NOW, Do your damn jobs, put the phones down, and call the fucking match!