Don’t get me wrong, the Attitude Era was a defining era in pro wrestling history, it was the cause of the classic Monday Night Wars but do fans excessively talk about it too much? Does the Attitude Era get more credit than what it was worth? Fans dub it as ‘‘greatest era  in wrestling history”. There is no question it gave us the best out of the likes of The Rock and Stone Cold whom made their mark in wrestling history. However, there wasn’t many ”classic” wrestling matches captivated. Most of the matches were just plain violence, not implying that I dislike that fact but in terms of 5 star wrestling matches, their weren’t that many. With the violence, came consequence’s. Those consequence’s were severe for some, you want an example? Look at Edge for that example.

A lot of these matches were as I said, pure violence. Sure I love watching violence (Entertainment purposes) on my TV, but as a passionate pro wrestling fan, I care about wrestlers health and their well being. I hate watching wrestlers for a couple of years and all of a sudden they are no longer in physical condition to compete. Edge was a wrestler who would of had at least 10 more years left in him if he hadn’t of taken so many disturbing bumps and knocks. Think of it like this and ask yourself this question, would you of minded seen half the violent matches Edge was in so he would be in better condition and able to compete for a few more years, at least? I sure as hell would of picked half less violent matches, he’s human at the end of the day. Honestly, I loved the violent matches, but the outcomes were lethal for some and disappointing when wrestlers are forced to hang up their boots because of it.

The thing that boils me most about people excessively going on about the Attitude Eea are the stupid internet marks saying ”Fuck PG era, we want Attitude Era back”. I find these people to be irritating to read what they have to say. These are the marks who just want to see violence, violence and some more violence. I question whether they really care about the sport or not. Do they care that those violent Attitude Era matches shortened wrestlers careers and in some cases their lives. The very first thing you want as a wrestling fan or in general as a sports fan is too know wrestlers or athletes are healthy and can compete as long as they possibly can. These internet marks don’t give a fuck about wrestlers health and stuff.

The women. Women wrestling wasn’t even that great in the Attitude Era. Women were used for horny teenagers and horny men to get boners, possibly wank and jizz over them in their fantasy’s. We had Trish, Tori, Sable, Lita  running around in scandalous clothing, in pillow fights, bra and panties matches all to get men and teenagers on boners. Fans always complain about the current diva’s division, I agree it is dire and painful to watch sometimes but it wasn’t that great in the Attitude Era either.

Fans make out the Attitude Era was perfect, it wasn’t, there was plenty of dreadful moments too.

Mae Young gave birth to a hand.
The Big Show having pooping problems.
Chris Jericho feuding and losing to Chyna.
Gillberg and the JOB Squad.
Jeff Jarrett feuding and losing to Chyna.
Patterson and Brisco “hulking up” every week.
The Godfather and his “hos”.
Rikishi running down Austin.
Mankind becoming “funny”.
Kane doing crotch chops.
PMS and Meat (Sean Stasiak).
Al Snow, Big Boss Man and the dog “pepper”.
Linda McMahon talking.
Beaver Cleavage.
Steve Blackman talking.
Making Owen Hart the Blue Blazer again.

Not so different after all, are the? Many WWE fans complained about having horrible celebrities in the WWE such as Snooki, Bob Barker etc. Yet they don’t bring up the likes of Mike Tyson and Drew Carey being in the fucking Royal Rumble!

The thing that makes me think it was overrated the most was the fact most of us would of been a kid. Everyone tends to say that this era would of been the best because we were going through that timeline so to say, it was a much simpler time, we had little worries. Money, relationships, family conflict etc all shit like that was irrelevant to worry as you were a kid so you just see that stage of your life as simple. So no matter what happened, nobody could do no wrong. Now we understand the business a lot more, so when something goes wrong, usually it’s due to bad booking or whatever. But back then, we mightn’t of seen that stuff. I’m speaking on the majority here, not everyone of course, but this is pretty much a fact in my opinion.

Okay so I am wrapping this up, if I write more it will be just too negative, I don’t think at all it was a bad era, hell no, it was awesome to watch, but without the swearing, sexual content and violence would it of been as rated as what it is now? People that I come across don’t remember the wrestling during that era, any pro wrestling era should be remembered for what matches they provided us with. But when you try to remember the Attitude Era, how many classic and I mean classic matches can you name/mention from the top of your head, without researching anything? That is my point in all of this.

Before I finish this up, here us a lovely picture you will all adore: