You know, it’s not very often that we write about women’s wrestling here at Wrestling Rambles. This is due to the lack of interest sadly we have for the diva and knockouts division. But, when you talk about current divas, only two or three come to mind that are great. Of course, I am talking about Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Mickie James. So instead of bashing divas for a change, why not appreciate the top ones and give them a little tribute? We’ll celebrate some cool moments they did, interesting fans about them, some pics and some videos. They’ll be short columns but hopefully fun and enjoyable. This week I’ll talk about Beth Phoenix. So, lets begin.

Before she got to the top, here’s a little pre-WWE Beth: 
Beth had a successful amateur wrestling career in high school, before being trained by the All Knighters. After her debut in May 2001, she wrestled for numerous independent promotions , and was the inaugural GLORY Champion. She also appeared at the inaugural Shimmer shows. In 2004, she began working for Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), and signed a developmental contract with WWE in October 2005. She first debuted on RAW in May 2006, but suffered a legitimate broken jaw the following month. As a result, she had numerous surgeries and returned to OVW to further train. While there, she twice won the OVW Women’s Championship, although her second reign is not officially recognised.

Whether Beth is a heel or a face, you simply can’t hate her. Beth is very respected around the WWE locker room and loved by the fans. Beth is like Kelly Kelly, beautiful looking, except she can wrestle. Honestly, in the WWE I find only her and Natalya interesting, the rest are just dull and boring. Beth brings light to a dark division. We all know how great Kharma is too, and in my opinion, Beth is the only one in the diva’s division that she’ll have an interesting feud with. This is going to happen sooner than later, it’s going to be the most interesting divas feud in months, scratch that; years. Beth is one of the few known women’s wrestler that stands out and nearly everybody respects.

Some fun facts about her:
– Beth’s real name is Elizabeth Kocianski.
– She won her first WWE Women’s Championship at the No Mercy pay-per-view in October, 2007.
– She pinfalled Santino Marella.
– She dated Cody Rhodes.
– Beth is the only female to have more than 10 eliminations in a given match.
– She is the only diva to hold at least two titles: The women’s title and slammy award.

Here are some cool photos of Beth:

Some Beth videos:

Remember now that Beth is attractive looking and isn’t some “Barbie doll” or “perky princesse,” like Kelly Kelly, Beth is Pin Up Strong. Beth really has the full package. Beth is what the diva’s division and in fact, every wrestling promotion in the world needs more of, a pin up strong, good looking woman who has the full package.

I hope you enjoyed all the positivity for once, I’ll try to do these columns ”In Appreciation of” every second week, if I’m not busy then every week. I want to thank Noeleen for recommending to write a column on Beth, so that’s how I got the idea I should do a series thing out of it. You should follow her on twitter –!/glamafan_x