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A RAW Opinion
By Joe

WWE Monday Night Raw  was pretty damn good last night.  Aside from the promo at the beginning of the show I thought it bounced back nicely, I could have done without another back and forth between Cena, Miz, Ziggler, Del Rio and Laurinaitis, especially if the outcome was Del Rio having another match for the title.  Alberto Del Rio doesn’t do too much for me, I think he’s boring on the microphone, he says the same things over and over again, which was hilarious when CM Punk finally called him out on it, the end of Raw really pushed it over the top in terms of my enjoyment, I’ll get more into that later on, I would like to say that FINALLY, it seems as if WWE is starting to get behind Zack Ryder, he was involved in a promo with Laurinaitis and Cena, then Laurinaitis booked Cena VS Ryder, Ryder had to win in order to earn the right to take on Dolph Ziggler at TLC for the United States Title.  John Cena defeated Ryder, Ryder got upset and told Cena that was his only chance, Cena asked John Laurinaitis to give Zack another chance, Laurinaitis told Cena the only way would be if Cena gave up his WWE Title Match at TLC, Cena giving Ryder the rub gave up his shot, Zack Ryder then went one on one with Mark Henry in a No DQ match, Ryder defeated Henry with help from Cena, and the finally when Dolph Ziggler was in action against Sheamus, Zack came out and distracted Dolph allowing Sheamus to pick up the win. I’m a big Zack Ryder fan, and I didn’t have a problem with him being on so much, but I can understand some fans who think that Ryder was on Raw too much last night, maybe it was a bit of overkill, but sadly WWE waited until the last minute to book this PPV it seems that they had to rush everything to put it together.

This is one big reason I’m a fan of having less Pay Per Views, less would give the writers more time to come up with storylines and it would also make the show seem more important, but financially, it makes more sense for WWE to have a Pay Per View each month, people keep buying it, albeit in lower and lower numbers, people still buy it and watch.

No Brodus Clay again this week.  I don’t know what the WWE is doing, but in my opinion, they keep pushing back Brodus’s debut and the fans will eventually start to lose interest.  You can only keep a guy out so long until eventually fans don’t care when it happens, it makes no sense as to why they haven’t debuted him yet.

I would like to get this out there as well, WWE is throwing John Morrison’s name around A LOT, so much so that I’m starting to think he’s not really gone, I believe they have a deal in place for Morrison when Morrison decides he wants to come back.  I just don’t think there’s any way they would keep saying his name if they either:

A) Didn’t know for sure he was coming back.


B) Had him signed already.

Kevin Nash made his WWE Raw return by squashing Santino, It’s also announced that at TLC Kevin Nash will take on Triple H in a ladder match where a sledgehammer is hanging above the ring, this match has bad idea written all over it, Triple H and Kevin Nash both are in no physical shape to have that match, Triple H has been nursing injuries to his neck, knee and shoulder and Kevin Nash, well It’s really no secret his medical history, I for one am not looking forward to that match at all.

The crowd for Raw was pretty dead all night, aside from a few pro-Cena, anti-Cena chants there really wasn’t much out of the crowd, speaking of pretty dead…

The WWE Divas division, Kelly Kelly and Eve beat Beth Phoenix and Natalya in about 90 seconds or so, typical divas match, Kelly got the win with a roll up, I’m not even sure Eve got in the match.  I don’t get why the WWE has to book the divas in terrible matches, when the divas get PPV time they actually look decent, I’m not sure why the WWE won’t give them more time on Raw, but say what you will about Kelly Kelly, I don’t think she’s as bad as people make her out to be, her matches with Beth on PPV shows have been very good, again, I don’t mind Kelly but the way the WWE is booking her on Raw, I can see why people hate her, but they shouldn’t hate her, they should hate the WWE creative team, they booked that garbage, I don’t follow much womens wrestling, but WWE needs to take an example from WSU, the stuff I’ve seen from them have been great stuff, WWE really needs to look to them to see how to book the women.

WWE actually showed the new cryptic video for the returning person on TV, personally I hope It’s The Undertaker, I’ve heard people say Jericho but I don’t really think those kinds of videos go with his persona.  I even heard Kharma being mentioned on Twitter, while I could see that too, since the video aired during a video package for Beth Phoenix and Natalya, it would seem like a big let down if the WWE did all that for Kharma and not someone bigger.

CM Punk, that is really all that has to be said, what can’t this man do?  He’s great in the ring, he’s great on the microphone, tonight he was once again electric, there was a contract signing for the WWE Title match at TLC, CM Punk, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio all involved, CM Punk cut Del Rio off and said “If you grab that microphone and say It’s your destiny I swear to Jeebus I’m gonna start drinking.”  I thought it was hilarious to hear CM Punk using a reference from The Simpsons.  CM Punk also talked about how contract signings always somehow end in a fight, he actually got Pier 6 Brawl to trend on Twitter.  Raw went off the air with Del Rio attacking Punk, Miz went to hit a Skull Crushing Finale, CM Punk hit Del Rio with the knee/bulldog combo through a table, Miz got a GTS afterward, CM Punk celebrated with the title as the show went off.  I thought the end sold TLC for a lot of people, WWE had me at Zack Ryder VS Dolph Ziggler again, but a TLC Match between The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk is going to be amazing!  I do hope though, Del Rio is out of the title picture for a while after TLC, sadly though, the WWE is very limited on main event heels at the moment, I would love to see Dolph Ziggler drop the United States Title to Zack at TLC, which I do think will finally happen, and then feud with CM Punk over the WWE Championship, Ziggler and Punk would put on some amazing matches, and It’s something new, it can’t be bad, especially with two guys like Punk and Ziggler who know how to work and are very entertaining on the mic.