Do You Remember When Jeff Jarrett was going to use the WWE to launce his Country Music career?

That’s right, years before he and his father started a their own Wrestling promotion, Jeff Jarrett debuted in the WWE as an aspiring Country Music Star.

In his promos, he would talk about how he was going to use WWE as a stepping stone to Nashville, where he would put out the hits.

Not only did he talk a big game, but he could also sing a big game (or so most of us thought). In 1995 he talked about releasing an Album titled “Ain’t I Great.” The first (& to my knowledge only) single out of that album was “With My Baby Tonight”.

Jarrett debuted “With My Baby Tonight” in a live performance at WWF In Your House on July 1995. Of course, later in the year it was revealed that Jarrett was lip synching and the true singer of the song was Jarrett’s lackey The Roadie (Road Dogg).

After the realization that Jarrett didn’t sing on his own single, he hung around the WWE for a while before heading to WCW to be a Horseman (yes Jeff Jarrett become part of the Four Horseman). The Roadie on the other hand, went on to become “The Real Double J” Jesse James (while also using “With My Baby Tonight as his entrance theme) before becoming The Road Dogg and starting up one of the most recognizable tag teams in Wrestling’s history with Billy Gunn.

And remember that’s J-E-Double F J-A-Double R-E-Double T! HAHAHA!

Here’s a look at our resident Country Star in Nashville, along with a look at the music video of “With My Baby Tonight”