Back again for another week is Ryan’s Favourite Photos: Funny Lot! I’m happy to be doing this article for all the readers because I like to hear your comments about the photos. I also get a good laugh when writing it up and sourcing the photos. It’s good to have a bit of comedy right? Right! So check out this week’s Funny Lot below and giggle yourself silly. P.S Caption Smooth keep up the captions, this week’s photos already have some captions so it’ll be interesting to see what you can make up out of them! Also, if I get 10 comments or more I will put on another Funny Lot of photos next week.

One for Ray!
Here is a photo in special dedication for Mr Ray the Rambler, the owner of Wrestling Rambles and lastly a BIG Batista fan! Coming across this photo made me think of Ray as I knew he’d appreciate it! In this photo Batista has obviously just lost a match and he is kicking himself… No, not literally! Mentally Batista is pissed off and probably can’t believe he just lost… Again. I’m sure guys can all read but I’ll write it out for everyone again; the caption basically says “Those guys on the internet said I can’t wrestle” which goes along with the facial expression of Batista! What do you think Ray? Haha!

Three’s a Crowd!
Some of the funniest WWE photos are gay ones, and personally I don’t have a problem with it but maybe some of you guys reading do. I don’t apologise for making you feel uneasy or whatever simply because it’s my goal to make you uneasy! Sure I want you’s to laugh but I also want to get a good reaction from you gays… Uh I mean guys! Back to the photo: Big Show’s doing all the work in the back with Batista getting it from both sides. If Batista can’t wrestle there’s always some porn he can do… Right Ray? Haha.

Don’t Get Your Panties in a Twist!
Here is the first of my non-WWE photos and damn what a photo to start with. There are two similar Japanese photos like this so I really didn’t know which one to go for and I’m not really sure why I went for this one but there we go. Back to this photo though; I’m not sure who these guys are, I’m not sure what event this is from but damn it’s hilarious. I’m not even sure if it’s a mistake or whether it was planned but when someone get’s their head stuck down your gear it’s not only awkward but probably suffocating for the one trapped! I can probably guess that they don’t want a repeat of this incident haha.

What the Fuuuuuuuuuuck?
This is another hilarious photo that a sarcastic member of the WWE Universe have made up! It’s a more recent WWE photo, I’m not too sure when it was but I’m predicting back in 2010 during the Nexus angle. I’m not too sure but hell it’s funny! When you take something so simple as facial expressions and make them hilarious through some captions you ought to tap yourself on the back. So thanks to the unnamed member of the IWC for this photo!

The Undertaker debuts his new finisher!
This one really made me chuckle. We all know that he’s going for a chokeslam but before making it to the finished product Undertaker unfortunately get’s frozen in the photo and well, he looks like a girly bitch! This took place during a CM Punk vs Undertaker match on SmackDown and the ref got in Undertaker’s way by the looks of it because he soon found himself on the end of a BITCHSLAP!

That’s all for this week, I hope you giggled like a girl on a glass of diet cola and enjoyed yourself doing so! Check back next week where I will have more photos and don’t forget 10+ comments will get another edition of the Funny Lot. I’m not forcing you guys though so be happy and don’t worry!

Thanks, -Ry.