WWE Best Pay per View Matches 2009-2010 DVD/Special

Okay so to be honest I do not know it this is a DVD or not. Basically the site I use to watch DVDs, specials, and raw and smackdown has this in the DVD and other specials. Not that that it is long but this will be a 2 part thing because I really would rather not watch all of it today. So here we go.

Backlash 2009-Edge vs. John Cena-Last Man Standing Match-For the World Heavyweight Championship

                The classic Cena match. He gets his big moments but then as always Edge is back to his feet. It goes back and forth. Right as it seems Cena was going to get his Attitude Adjustment Big Show shows up. I am sure we all remember where it goes from here. Into the spotlight Cena goes. And Edge wins it. I remember this moment thinking it was weird I was so sure as always super Cena was going to win.

The Bash 09’ Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio

                With the special stipulation whoever won would be the intercontinental champion however is Chris Jericho won Rey would be unmasked.

                Rey’s attire in this match is probably one of my favorites of his. One thing is for sure you have these two men face each other and there are bound to be great reversals and counters. Rey Mysterio being tricky like always 2 masks. Jericho needs to learn to stop being so obsessive about certain things such as unmasking Mysterio.

TLC – DX vs. Chris Jericho and The Big Show-Unified tag team championship-TAG TLC MATCH

                We all knew that Chris Jericho teaming with Big Show was just Chris way of hiding behind a big guy. Which you could see in this match he only wanted to do the big things all the little things he stood around while Big Show did all the minor work. But as always the teamwork of DX prevails. I do not understand the point of Big Show breaking all those ladders if that only hurt his team too. And there was still other ladder I am sure. But whatever in the end DX won.

Part 2 to come later