That’s right, the annual WWE Slammy Awards show has come to an end, and welcome to the second installment of A RAW Opinion, this weeks Three Hour Slammy Award special started off… I’m gonna do it a little different this week, still trying to find the style I like going with, I’ll put my opinions of each segment and at the end I’ll try and piece it all together.

There’s really no other way to describe it then to say it was pretty brutal. Booker T and Hornswoggle presented the “Tell me I didn’t just see that” award, nominees were JR dancing, Alberto winning the Rumble, Miz dressing as The Rock and Rock Bottoming John Cena, and R Truth losing the WWE Title match thanks to a “fan” throwing a soda in his face. Obviously JR won, which led to Michael Cole insulting JR, Booker chimes in, we have ourselves an UNGODLY rap off, JR wins, but honestly, they were both terrible, and sadly a JR-A-Roonie, horrible waste of time.

Mick Foley and The Million Dollar Man present the “Holy (bleep) moment of the year” Obvious what won, Big Show and Henry collapsing the ring. This segment was at least enjoyable.

We have our first match of the night 30 minutes into a thus far, pretty boring Raw. Big Show goes from the Slammy Award stage to the ring to face off against Wade Barrett. Pretty bad match, Big Show wins by DQ.

Road Dogg out to present “Pipe bomb of the year” CM Punk wins and comes out with a mannequin dressed as Johnny Ace, with Dynamic Dudes shirt, HILARIOUS! CM Punk proves why he is absolute GOLD! Greatest part of the show thus far.

“Diva-licious moment of the year” being presented by Lita, I am very surprised they brought her back this quick after her arrest. Nominees consist of Kelly winning the divas title, Kharmas debut, and Beth with the glam slam off the top rope. Winner is Kelly winning the divas title, should have known that would win, I thought Beth should have won for her Glam Slam. Beth and Natalya came out to try and steal her award, Kelly slapped her and took it back, it was nothing special.

OMG Moment of the year presented by Santino and The Bellas, Santino owning the Bellas calling them floozy’s was pretty hilarious. HHH kicking out of the Tombstone won, Triple H came out with a sledgehammer, confusing, HHH basically said 9 months later and Undertaker “is no more” and said that was a night “The streak came to an end” Funny, last I checked, Taker won… HHH then went on to talk about the ladder match, I zoned out a bit, but all I kept hearing HHH yell was “I am right” I assume he was trying to plug his “Lets see who pops a knee first” match with Nash on Sunday.

“Trending star of the year” award next, David Otunga and Tony Atlas presenting. Tony Atlas doing his whole laughing gimmick, pretty stupid. The nominees competing in a fatal four way. Zack Ryder, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler involved. GREAT match between them all, Dolph wins the match, but Zack Ryder wins the award for trending on Twitter, Dolph attacks Ryder after the match, GREAT segment afterward building up the United States Title Match.

“Game changer of the year” presented by Christian. Christian gold on the microphone, praising himself for showing up despite his “various injuries” John Cena challenging Rock beat out Edges retirement, I have no words on that, shocked. On a plus, John Cena was hilarious, had the crowd actually thinking The Rock was there.

Alberto Del Rio and The Miz taking on CM Punk and Randy Orton. Solid tag match, Miz and Del Rio won, Wade Barrett attacked Orton, Miz countered the GTS into a Skull Crushing Finale. I’m not a fan of interference finishes but it sets up Sundays TLC match pretty well. After the match Del Rio and Miz beat down Punk and worked on his arm, great set up for Sunday in my opinion.

These Kane promos are very good, I’m really hoping he comes back with the mask on, that was my favorite version of Kane, I want a monster heel back.

These videos for the WWE Network are like the vintage old school “I want my MTV” commercials, they’re starting to grow on me, however you know they’re going to change money for the channel, so I won’t be getting it sadly.

“A Lister of the year” presented by Vickie Guerrero and Goldust. I really didn’t care who won this one, I hated the “guest host” idea. Snooki wins the award, yawn, moving on…

Mark Henry interview, talking about his match with Cena tonight just days away from competing against Big Show in 6 days. Trying as best as he can to get people interested in his match with Big Show, chairs match, it can’t be worse then there last match I hope…

Sheamus comes out in that terrible eye sore of a shirt, for a match against Jinder Mahal…? The hell? I thought this was a super show. Match didn’t even start, Sheamus delivers a Brogue Kick and puts Mahal and the fans out of It’s misery.

Rey Mysterio returns to present Superstar Of The Year. CM Punk takes Superstar Of The Year. John Laurinaitis out there accepting the award because of the beat down Punk took earlier on. Thankfully it was quick, he almost put me to sleep. On a plus, great sign in the crowd that said John BOREanitis.

As of 10:50 there hasn’t been a Diva of the Year, I guess they cut that out of the show just like they cut the entire Beth Phoenix & Natalya VS AJ and Kaitlyn from Smackdown.

Mark Henry VS John Cena, so there will be on diva of the year award, I guess they decided the “diva-licious moment” would be it, I figured Kelly would win it. Wasn’t really interested in the main event, I’m not a fan of either guy, it was your average Cena match, the ending was AWESOME!! Kane returns wearing his mask and choke slams Cena!! What an ending to this weeks show!

My overall general opinion, after the CM Punk segment with the Johnny Ace mannequin the show went uphill, I thought the matches were well booked, the show did It’s job and sold this Sundays TLC PPV. Sadly, this was only slightly better then the other 3 hour Raw’s this year, which isn’t good, I would have liked to see more wrestling but coming into the show tonight you knew what was going to happen. It was pretty cool seeing Lita, surprising considering she was just released from jail, I would have liked to see her get involved somehow. The best part of the show was the return of Kane, not only was it one of the biggest shocks of the year, but it was so perfectly booked, amazing job, playing the video earlier in the show making people think it would happen another time and then having him come out in the main event and destroy Cena. I cannot wait to see what they do with Kane. Speaking of returns and debuts, once again Brodus Clay doesn’t debut, this week though I can understand since it would have been overshadowed by Kane coming back. The fatal four way between Ryder, Ziggler, Rhodes and Daniel Bryan, Kanes return and CM Punk saved this show completely, once again, great job setting up the TLC PPV, some awards I disagreed with, but what are you gonna do? This show did get me excited for the PPV on Sunday so it did It’s job from my point of view, what do you think, thumbs up, thumbs down, let’s hear it.