Do you remember when Steve Austin had a watch that could talk?

This was back in the days when Shane & Stephanie McMahon tried to run their father, Vince McMahon out of business courtesy of the WCW/ECW Alliance. Of course the alliance wasn’t the most credible of all factions, but it did give us some talented stars. One of those stars was Rob Van Dam. When RVD burst into the scene in 2001, he became an instant star.

In October of 2001 he was in the WWF Title picture that included a triple threat match that involved RVD, Kurt Angle, & then Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin. On in episode of Raw in 2001, RVD gave a 5 Star Frog Splash to Kurt Angle. In that same week, on an episode of Smackdown, Austin along with the rest of the Alliance decided to throw RVD a party because he “did the right thing.”

During that party Austin gave RVD a gift. That gift was Austin’s very own watch. Right before he gave the watch to RVD, Austin asked him if he knew what his watch was saying. Austin then put the watch up to his ear and proceeded to tell RVD just what his watch was telling him.

I really don’t think I should go on any further. I mean how can I go on after a legend like SCSA just told the Wrestling world that he had a talking watch?

In case you don’t or refuse to believe me, here’s a clip of Austin making his proclamation of his talking watch.

*puts a watch to my ear* You know what my watch is saying?… WHAT?!… I said you know my watch is saying?… It’s saying it’s time for you to watch this video clip.