I got a two for one special here on this edition of Remember When.

Do you remember when Chavo Guerrero discovered his Suburban White Roots?

Do you remember when Dolph Ziggler was a Caddy?

Way before Dolph Ziggler became the client of Vickie Guerrero and before he became a Cheerleader, Dolph was a Golf Caddy for Vickie’s nephew Chavo Guerrero.

Now you’re probably asking yourselves, when did Chavo play Golf? Well, Chavo himself didn’t play the game, however Chavo’s white alter ego, Kerwin White, did.

Back in 2005, Chavo claimed that being a Latino held him down as a Wrestler. So, he decided to brace his white roots and thus Kerwin White was born.

Kerwin White would talk about how great his Golf game is, drive around in his Golf Cart, listen to his Frank Sinatra type of music, and have his trustee Caddy, Nick Nemeth (Dolph), by his side.

Of course both gimmicks didn’t go anywhere as Dolph would go on to became a Cheerleader within a couple of months and Chavo would go back to the Guerrero name after the death of Eddie Guerrero.

It’s still hard to believe that a Golf Caddy/Cheerleader would go on to become a dominant IC/US Champion in WWE and one of the biggest future stars in the company. I guess that goes to show that anything is possible in the WWE.

Here’s a clip of Kerwin White introducing his Caddy, Nick Nemeth, to the WWE.