Welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and I will take you through another week of WWE Raw, hope you guys enjoy the column.

The final WWE Raw of 2011 comes to us live from Chicago, Illinois the home of WWE Champion CM Punk, CM Punks music hits but John Laurinaitis came out instead wearing a CM Punk shirt talking about how things are going to change around the company. He put over how he’s a CM Punk supports. CM Punk came out and ran down Laurinaitis, Laurinaitis then gave CM Punk the night off and followed it up with a laugh about he was only kidding asking who said he can’t be unpredictable, CM Punk started running down Laurinaitis again, CM Punk was then booked in a gauntlet match against three opponents of Laurinaitis’s choosing, if one of the men beats Punk they will get a title shot next week on Raw. Punk said if he can beat all of the three guys Punk will wrestle a fourth match against John Laurinaitis himself. CM Punk saved this segment, John Laurinaitis was boring.

The final “It Begins” video plays, so much for the dirt sheets saying the final video would have a big clue as to who it was, there wasn’t a giant clue as to who it was. But it interrupted CM Punk, so I’m going to still keep my money on Chris Jericho.

Booker T taking on Cody Rhodes in the first match of the night. Really good match and it got some time, Booker T gets the upset victory, very surprised at the ending, especially since it was a clean pinfall.

Zack Ryder backstage thanking John Cena for everything he’s done for it, Cena says it wasn’t him, it was everything Zack has been doing on Youtube and Twitter, Zack asks about Kane. Cena says he’s calling Kane out tonight.

Jerry Lawler announces the three men in CM Punks gauntlet, #1 Jack Swagger. #2 Dolph Ziggler. #3 Mark Henry.

Kelly Kelly backstage with Big Show giving him beauty tips (Huh, what? Yeah I don‘t know either…) Scott Armstrong tells Big Show John Laurinaitis wants him in his office. Completely useless segment.

John Laurinaitis on the phone with Brodus Clay, Brodus will now be debuting next week on the first Raw of 2012. Big Show was reprimanded for punching David Otunga on Smackdown, tonight on Raw Big Show takes on Otunga with one arm behind his back.

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger arguing backstage until Vickie interrupts them.

Mixed tag action up next, Eve Torres teaming with Zack Ryder to take on Tyson Kidd and Natalya. Pretty entertaining match, mostly thanks to Zack, Zack and Eve get the win after a Rough Ryder to Kidd.

John Cena out next to call out Kane. The Miz ends up coming out and talks about wanting a match with Cena tonight. This turns into an impromptu match with Cena VS Miz. Miz ends up leaving the ring getting on a microphone and getting himself counted out because he doesn’t have anything to prove. Pretty pointless. R Truth came back and attacked Miz, looks like his suspension is up. I was kind of let down, I really wanted to see Kane this week.

Big Show VS David Otunga up next, Big Show with one arm tied behind his back. Mark Henry interfered and attacked Show, Daniel Bryan came out and distracted Henry, Big Show got up, grabbed Henry by the neck, Otunga went after Show , Henry ran and Show choke slammed Otunga.

Alberto Del Rio comes out, Ricardo wearing a neck brace is pushing Del Rio in a wheel chair. Del Rio talks about how he tore his groin at TLC. Brie and Nikki come out and argue over Del Rio, again. Del Rio gets annoyed and yells at them to go away.

Gauntlet match up next. CM Punk beats Swagger, Dolph Ziggler was next up, but Swagger attacked Punk and beat on his knee, the referee went to check on CM Punk said he was competing, Ziggler and Punk up next, Ziggler went to work on the knee of CM Punk throughout the match. CM Punk had Ziggler beat but John Laurinaitis came out and interrupted the match, allowing Dolph to hit the Zig Zag and pin CM Punk, allowing him to get a WWE Championship match next week. I was very surprised the gauntlet match didn’t go all the way to the end, they usually do.

Kane is coming out next to apparently address John Cena. Kane started talking but was interrupted by Cena, Kane set a wall of fire to keep Cena back and decided to explain why he attacked Cena. He did it because of what Cena stands for, he says everybody hates and Cena should learn to embrace it. Great promo by Kane, talking about he’s going to help Cena embrace the hate. I enjoyed it a lot. Show ends with the fans chanting Cena sucks and him looking down at the ground. I thought it was perfectly booked.

Overall, another pretty solid show, CM Punk was great as always tonight, I loved that they let Kane have the microphone, and how they made this whole thing go was perfect, John Cena was left with wondering what to do. Looking like the Cena sucks chants were finally starting to get to him, I thought Kane did a solid job in getting Cena to show his disheartenment about being booed, I can’t wait to see where it goes.

It sounds like Brodus Clay will make his long awaited return next week on Raw, I still won’t hold my breath until he actually shows up.

Despite the dirt sheets saying there would be a big clue tonight, the new “It Begins” video still left us guessing about who it could be, we’ll find out next week and I’m saying Jericho, but I kind of hope It’s not, I don’t think they should have this kind of video package for a guy who won’t be around very long.

Zack Ryder was super over again, and was very entertaining again, him trying to “get with” Eve is pretty entertaining and some of his facial expressions were hilarious.

The Bella Twins arguing is getting repetitive now, the WWE has done this before, and It’s never gotten over, I don’t see why they’re looking like they’re splitting up The Bellas, it won’t work now just like it didn’t work a few years back.

I really like Dolph Ziggler, I’m getting behind him more and more every week, and while I do think he deserves a WWE Title shot, and I’m happy he’s getting it next week, I hate how they booked that gauntlet match, but I will give WWE credit for a slight swerve in having the match end with the second participant, I think everyone expected John Laurinaitis to step inside the ring with CM Punk tonight, I would love to see Punk beat his ass too, but nevertheless, I’m still happy with the slight twist.

Alberto Del Rio finally was pretty tolerable on the microphone tonight, he really didn’t spew any of his “It’s my destiny” stuff tonight, he talked about how he was going to come back from his injury more aggressive then ever, pretty good stuff, I’m interested to see what they do with this.

Chicago crowd made this show amazing, if I had my way I would book WWE TV shows in Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles on a weekly basis, the crowds are that good and it makes the show great.

That’s all for this week, next week I’ll be back for another RAW Opinion, leave your comments and talk about what you liked and disliked about the show, thanks for reading and A RAW Opinion will see you guys next year.