Do you remember when Dusty Rhodes was a member of the NWO?

We go back to WCW 1998, where the NWO were running a muck within the company. This was also the time were almost every wrestler on the roster was a member of the NWO. That was proved on January 1998.

It was on a PPV event called “Souled Out” where Scott Hall took on Larry Zbysko. These two had developed quite a rivalry for the past couple months and it lead to this encounter. Around this time Hall had the late Louie Spicolli in his corner as Hall’s lackey. Since Larry knew Spicolli was going to be in Hall’s corner, he decided that he was going to have some back of his own. That back up was none other than the American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

As the match wore on, when it looked like Zbysko was going to take the W, Spicolli got involved and attacked Zbysko. That cued Dusty to come in and put a beat down on Louie. Then Dusty turned his attentions towards Hall. Zbysko than held up Hall for Dusty to take his shot. When went for his bionic elbow, however, Hall stepped aside and Dusty accidentally hit Larry. Or was it accidental?

After the shot, Dusty took off his shirt to reveal an NWO shirt, signifying his heel turn.

This, along with many other turns regarding joining the NWO, was one of the worst moves WCW had ever done. Was their any motive as to why Dusty joined the NWO? If there was, I can’t remember. Well, as many would expect, the turn didn’t last long and Dusty went back to his fan loving, American Dreaming, Hard Time Blues preaching ways.

Alright ladies and germs, here’s the debut of the “American Nightmare” Dusty Rhodes.