Hey, this is Chris, back with my 3rd edition for Under The Canvas.

Let’s get started with another The Cryptic Messages, that I (Thought) finished last week. Take a look at WWE’s final piece of the puzzle, that we have to put together: 
 This honestly made me even more confused.
My finale predictions:
-Chris Jericho, popular belief, remains stated as ALLEGING.
-Undertaker, another belief, might be so with WM this close.
-Stephanie & Shane, as the Boy & Girl in the videos.
-Batista, not the most popular belief, but a belief.
-Skip Sheffield, with a Terminator gimmick, a very few believe it could be.
-NWO, e(N)d of the (W)orld as we kn(O)w it, possible & understandable.

Some people are downright convinced it’s Jericho. I support that belief, like, ALOT. But everyone of our alleging, is just that, alleging.
I can’t help but have some predictions.
I want to be all like ‘I TOLD YOU SO!,” on Twitter while watching RAW live.
I know one of the predictions above is correct.
But, another thing I’ve been saying alot, The Undertaker. The scary, cryptic, cold atmosphere really makes Taker pop-up in my head. I’ve been around the WWE Universe for awhile now. I can always see an Undertaker aspect in a promo when I see one.

I might be as smug as ever when it comes to this storyline *Huge Smile* that’s because I’m into it!

When it comes, to this particular storyline, I’m sure one of our predictions is right.


Our second subject: NXT. 

Instead of a competitive competition seeking a new breakout star we have a Cheesy -like Darren Young’s mouth- Un-ending soap-opera. 

They’re bringing Superstars to the show. As for Reks & Hawkins, NXT is NOT the place to making a name for yourself. Especially when you’re Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins. Two of the best of the new breed of the WWE. Which is one of the reasons I actually watch it week-in & out.

And the Love Triangle.. Where do I start? 

Johnny Curtis, who won the past season, comes back to NXT for this. 
I love that, simply because, I have so much criticism about it!
It’s as corny as can be.

Well, what do YOU think?
EXTRA: Chris Benoit Matches:

Thanks for reading!