By Gerry Pee

***The opinions in this post are that of Gerry and not of, its staff or its affiliates.***

I am extremely interested to know how many of you agree with me when I say today the best wrestling company in the world is in fact TNA. I guess a lot of you will probably think “No, WWE is so much better!” and I understand completely why you would say that. In the hearts of all wrestling fans WWE will always mean a lot and that is because WWE has been around and gave us so much entertainment over the years but honestly since around 2009 WWE have gave us relatively nothing. By now most have you have probably left but those of you who either agree with me or want to see where I am going with this I thank you because you will understand what I mean by WWE being 2nd.

Obviously the Attitude Era was never going to be forever and we can’t just live in the glory days saying “This is never as good as the attitude era.” Actually I would be the first person to agree and say “Yea, this can never live up to the Attitude era.” Despite being a massive fan of those times I have come to terms with the fact that WWE has moved on, they have changed. Although their was still fantastic television being produced for many years after the Attitude Era. For me it was around 2009, the later half, where WWE had really began to lose my interest a little.

The first move that was bad by WWE was putting the cruiserweight title on Hornswoggle, this was such an awful move as Hornswoggle totally diminished the prestige of the title. Sure the cruiserweight title was never the main event attraction but it was something which fans loved, everyone loves to see flips and dives from guys who are travelling 100 miles an hour. I would even go as far too say it was the backbone of WWE as it produced some of the very best talent around and some of the greatest matches WWE has ever seen. Especially seeing the success of the X-Division title, it is really unfortunate WWE ruined such a great thing. Many new talents can join the cruiserweight division and it is a title which gives lesser seen wrestler a chance to shine, build up their fan base and eventually go onto bigger and better things. Even now there is many wrestlers who have relatively no TV time or opportunity to show their skills which is a true miss as so many have a lot of talent. For example there is; JTG, Tyson Kidd, Trent Barretta, Curt Hawkins, Justin Gabriel even Hunico and Sin Cara who struggle to get any chance. These guys would all be perfect candidates for the cruiserweight title plus it would give them a chance to hold some gold for a while. Just think of how exciting it would be to see these guys open the show at any event doing flips and stuff, definitely something I would love to see. WWE has become so premeditative, almost every match is the same with the same kind of guys, this could give them some diversity that they really need.

However the cruiserweight division is not the only one to diminish in recent years. Just have a look at the divas, none of them have any chance to perform more than 5 minutes each week. I do feel there are only to really good divas in WWE just now and that would be Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Releasing Melina, Gail Kim Mickie James and Victoria have all been huge mistakes by WWE as they were 4 of the best divas around, although this is another plus for TNA as 3 of the 4 mentioned are now in TNA showing how well they really can perform. We all know the problems of the divas division so it is no surprise I have mentioned it. The tag team division has also fallen apart, when you look back at the teams they have had even as recent as a few years ago it is shocking how bad the current tag team division is. Teams like MNM, The Hardys, The Dudleys, Edge and Christian, The Miz and John Morrison, DX, Jerishow, Legacy, Paul London and Brian Kendrick even the Nexus were just some of the great teams lately then you look at the current champions Kofi Kingston and someone (anyone). Don’t get me wrong Kofi is probably my favourite WWE wrestler but partnering him with another random superstar just won’t work. I would love for Kofi to be given a push into the world title picture which he so easily deserves. I don’t understand why the Usos are not the tag champions and for them to be the only legit team in WWE and not even be in the title picture is horrible. Again this has came down to mistakes of WWE. Breaking up The Heart Foundation – Mistake! Splitting up Cryme Tyme – Mistake! It’s mistake after mistake with things they see as less important.

Another loss for WWE is there real firepower. Over the last 2 or years there tops stars have rapidly gone. Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Edge, Batista, Triple H as well as The Undertaker and Rey Mysterio basically gone. All of them were world champions and some of the biggest names the WWE will ever know. This left WWE with Cena and Orton, on occasion Jericho. All huge stars but can’t run it on their own, I don’t like Cena but that is a story for another time. Orton I feel works horribly as a face, he needs to be a heel it works so much better with his personality and I’d much rather see him turn heel. Obviously the launch of CM Punk did help majorly and a couple more guys have came through but no one huge who is a true great. Whereas you have a look over at TNA and I’m not saying they have bigger stars but there are at least 10 if not more wrestlers who could be World champion. So maybe for variety of top stars I think TNA edge it. Although I do believe CM Punk is probably one of the biggest stars in recent years, I believe he will be seen as one the greatest of all time.

What WWE do have over TNA is worldwide recognition and an illustrious history which is important, very important. I do have to applaud WWE as over the last months the have been pushing to make it more surprising but there is a lot of work still to do. If TNA can keep growing and make the right moves, getting Hogan, Flair and Bischoff off TV and then keep moving in the right direction I believe the will take over. This may be extreme but to a certain extent I would say WWE turned on their fans by doing stuff like not allowing blood seen on TV, taking away Head chair shots and turning PG. They have had a disregard for the fans who made them and thought they’d have a bigger business by aiming it young kids. The move has backfired which has left WWE in such a mess and for me to tune in and watch a show that seems so childish is a little weird. Wrestling is guys beating the crap out of each other so let them. I personally feel they have to be a bit more hardcore and entirely forget about the PG stuff. PG is killing WWE, for proof look at the last half of last year, WWE lost over 100 million dollars which is massive.

Ever week I can watch TNA through the full show and despite some pieces being predictable the shows are very entertaining. WWE goes on an ad break every 10 minutes, and has no real fire or passion to it. There are qualities to both but right now I firmly believe that TNA has the better wrestling, which after all is what is important. A lot of you will probably disagree and I expect that most of you will probably be angry but this is what I think.