Welcome everyone to another edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and as always I take you through each episode of WWE Raw, giving my opinions throughout.  We are just one day removed from what i thought was a great SummerSlam PPV.  WWE is advertising Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman will start things off tonight, what will they have to say about the fight with Triple H last night?

We are live, WWE Raw opens up with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman coming out from the back.  Heyman says that he sat at that announce table and watched as Triple H tore his quad, and continue to fight, but Triple H was forced to tap out to Brock Lesnar.  Heyman said Lesnar forced HHH to quit on his friends, family and all of his fans.  Heyman is calling Scott Armstrong out to the ring to talk about last night.  Brock tells him good job.  Paul Heyman announces Brock Lesnar be anointed the NEW King Of Kings.  It would have been pretty cool if Undertakers music hit after the whole speech by Heyman.

Up next is a 6 man tag match.  R Truth, Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara VS Cody Rhodes and Prime Time Players.  Truth, Kofi and Sin Cara win, Sin Cara pins Cody with a bridge after Cody went after the mask of Sin Cara again.

AJ is talking backstage, David Otunga walks over and offers AJ his service of legal council, he says he’ll slap a lawsuit on someone if they call AJ crazy, AJ tells him he’s in a match against an opponent of her choosing.  CM Punk Touted that he should be able to pick his next opponent, AJ said that she liked the idea and she’ll let Punk choose who he faces, but she has to approve of the choice.

Up next, RyBerg is coming to the ring, his opponents are a couple of nobodies.  Thanks for coming guys.  RyBerg wins, but after Jinder Mahal attacks him.  Mahal locks in a camel clutch but RyBerg gets rid of him.  Yawn.

Chris Jericho is backstage, Ziggler walks up to him and says that Jericho finally won the big one, he says they need a rematch tonight, AJ goes up to them she says that she wants to give them what they want, a rematch.  But she’s going to raise the stakes, if Ziggler loses, his MITB briefcase goes to Jericho, if Jericho loses, his contract is terminated.

Alberto Del Rio comes out next without a car, he doesn’t look too happy after last night.  He gets in the ring and complains about what happened, he says he filed a formal complaint, AJ comes out and says that she can’t do anything about the SmackDown! title situation, but since he is dressed to compete she’s scheduling a match right now, his opponent is Randy Orton.  Sheamus comes out from the back to get a closer look at this match.  He joins Cole and Lawler on commentary for this match.  Del Rio had the pin but Sheamus pointed out that Ortons foot was on the rope, Del Rio was livid, he turned around and Orton hit an RKO for the win.  Orton bores me beyond belief.

Brodus Clay is out next, his opponent is Damien Sandow.  Sandow gets the win with a roll up after pulling the tights.  From what I saw, not a terrible match.  Sandow celebrated afterward and Brodus attacked him from behind.

Shawn Michaels is live from his home in Texas, he says he knows whats going through Triple H’s head right now, he says you can think about the end being near, you can even talk about it, but nothing can prepare you for the day when it hits you right in the face, you can’t prepare yourself for that when it happens in front of millions of people.  He said that last night could very well be the end of Triple H’s career, Shawn calls him a warrior and is a man of honor and integrity, something Heyman and Lesnar know nothing about.  He says that he thinks he was more of a distraction to Triple H then anything, he says that if he were in Triple H’s corner things might have been different, Shawn said that Triple H didn’t hear what Shawn had to say, he said Triple H needed to hear Shawn say he didn’t think he could beat Lesnar, he said sometimes It’s hard telling your best friend that pretty much It’s time to retire.  Strong stuff by Shawn.  Great segment.

David Otunga comes out next, his opponent is Big Show.  Thanks for coming Otunga, Big Show wins.

Up next…  RAW IS RYDER!!!  Zack Ryder teaming up with Kane to take on Daniel Bryan and The Miz.  Daniel accidentally ran into Miz in the corner, Miz ran off as Daniel went for the tag, Daniel and Kane were the legal men in the ring and Daniel ran off.  Kane beat down on Ryder.

CM Punk talks about how he has the opportunity to choose his next opponent, he chooses John Cena, on one condition, John Cena has to show CM Punk respect later on tonight.

Up next is a divas battle royal to determine the new #1 Contender for the Divas Title.  Considering WWE’s track record in these things lately, which diva eliminates herself and quits tonight?  Kaitlyn eliminates Eve to win the battle royal.

Dolph Ziggler VS Chris Jericho is next.  If Jericho loses his WWE contract is terminated, if Ziggler loses, his MITB briefcase belongs to Jericho.  Great match between these two.  Dolph Ziggler gets a clean win over Jericho after hitting the Zig Zag.  After the match, Dolph was celebrating, Jericho took the briefcase from Vickie and attacked Ziggler with it.

WWE Champion CM Punk comes out from the back.  He said he was going to address Cena, but then he saw Lawler sitting there, he wants Lawler to tell everyone he lied when he said CM Punk turned his back on the WWE Universe, Punk wants Lawler to show him respect by telling him to his face he was wrong, and he wants an apology.  John Cena interrupts.  CM Punk is annoyed with Cena, he’s not happy that Cena had to come out and steal the spotlight.  CM Punk is tired of taking a backseat to guys like Cena, Triple H and Dwayne Johnson.  CM Punk says that if John Cena wants the title shot at Night Of Champions, all he has to do is admit in front of the world that he is the Best In The World.  Cena said that he might be throwing away a title shot, but he will not call CM Punk the Best In The World because in order for Cena to believe in himself he has to believe that he is the best.  After Punk and Cena went back and forth Punk goes back to Lawler, demanding an apology.  He wants Lawler in the ring to finish their conversation.  He says that he thinks Lawler went too far and he thinks Lawler owes him an apology, Lawler says It’s a misunderstanding but if he wants an apology then he apologizes.  Punk says that if Cena doesn’t wanna say it he wants to hear Lawler say that Punk is the Best In The World.  Lawler says he can’t say that and he wants to go do his job.  Punk attacks Lawler and drops him.  The show ends with CM Punk staring at an out cold Lawler with a chorus of boos.

My overall opinion of tonights Raw, I thought it was great.  WWE spent a lot of time building up guys and furthering storylines, not much mention of Tout, Twitter and Facebook.  I thought it was great and I hope they continue this trend of great shows.  I give it a 4/5.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.