“The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry has been off TV for a while. The last time we saw him, he was inducting WWE superstars into the hall of pain. Then there were reports of him being injured. Well we recently received some news about a potential return…

Wrestling News Source reports,

“The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE Superstar Mark Henry is currently slated to return to the company in late fall following his recovery from shoulder surgery.

The website also reports that Henry has been quoted as saying that if his shoulder doesn’t recover fully, he will retire from professional wrestling; however, Henry is expecting to make a return to the ring.”

Seth’s Opinion
Mark Henry has had an up and down career in the WWE. He was one of the top heels in WWE not that long ago (2011), but he is also one of the longest tenured superstars in WWE. I think his time is over and he should consider doing other things whether in the wrestling business or not. His health has been an issue as of late and he needs to give his body some rest. He reached the top of WWE and he should be happy with what he has accomplished.

What do you think? Should Henry return or retire?

Seth Guttenplan is the writer and editor of GuTTWrenchPowerBlog.com as well as many other wrestling websites. When he is not writing about wrestling, Seth is a Special Education Teacher in New Jersey. To read more from Seth, follow him on twitter (@sethgutt) and visit his blog at http://guttwrenchpowerblog.com


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