Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, we are just one day removed from WWE Night Of Champions, a PPV I thought was a great show, tonight WWE has sent texts to their SMS subscribers that JIM ROSS will be on commentary tonight with Michael Cole as he fills in for Jerry Lawler, who in an update for those who haven’t heard, has been released from the hospital and is now on the road to recovery at home.  I just have to say, I like the new Raw theme more and more each week.

We start things off with CM Punks music playing, out comes Paul Heyman, Heyman says last nights main event was embroiled in controversy and Heyman calls Chad Patton to the ring to defend the decision he made, Heyman showed a still photo of both mens shoulders down for the three count.  Heyman then shows a video some fan took and posted on YouTube (it was taken down most likely due to WWE) and Heyman says it was a tie and the tie goes to the champion, John Cena interrupts Heyman.  Cena said he doesn’t blame the referee for how it ended because he made the right call, but he said that ending a match of that caliber that way is like ending the Super Bowl in a tie.  Cena wants to find out just who the real winner is, he wants a rematch tonight to find out who the better man really is, Alberto Del Rio interrupts and says he never got a real chance.  AJ comes out next and says that tonight CM Punk will team up with Alberto Del Rio to take on Sheamus and John Cena tonight.

JBL is introduced by Justin Roberts for commentary duty as well, looks like we’re gonna have a three man team!  Awesome!  Justin Roberts then introduces Jim Ross to a huge ovation!

Up next, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio team up to take on Epico and Primo, looks like Epico and Primo are heels again lol.  Mysterio and Sin Cara get the win in a  pretty damn good match, I’m glad WWE wised up and gave Sin Cara a new finisher, even if it is a swanton bomb lol.  After the match Titus O’Neil and Darren Young attacked Rey and Sin Cara.  They took a microphone and complained about how they were screwed out of being number 1 contenders for the tag team titles.  Glad to see they didn’t act like a couple of idiots and actually were angry the entire promo.

Layla is on commentary now, Eve Torres takes on Beth Phoenix up next.  Eve gets the win, and hey and Layla had a little stare down after the match.

Brodus Clay comes out next for a match with Heath Slater, Antonio Cesaro is on commentary for this match.  Thanks for comin Heath.

Apparently The Miz has a new talk show segment called MizTV, thats coming up next.

Miz comes out and asks what you give the IC Champion that already has everything, you give him his very own talk show.  An upside down WWE logo is hanging just above the ring and there’s actually a MizTV logo.  Miz introduces Booker T as his guest.  RyBerg comes out from the back and Miz runs off.  They better not give that man the Intercontinental Title!

CM Punk and Paul Heyman are backstage when Josh Mathews interrupts them.  Punk says last night he walked in and walked out of Night of Champions as WWE Champion, and then asks what it is he needs to do to get respect.

Santino Marella makes his way to the ring, his opponent is Dolph Ziggler.  Ziggler gets the win, not happy Ziggler had to face Santino anyway.

Wade Barrett comes to the ring, his opponent is Justin Gabriel.  Wade Barrett gets the win.  Justin Gabriel got more offense in then I thought he would, on a side note, Barrett needs a new finisher, It’s pretty much the same finisher Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero) uses.

Up next is a rematch from last night.  Kofi Kingston and R Truth taking on Daniel Bryan and Kane for the Tag Team Championships.  Kane and Daniel Bryan keep the titles, good match, Kane hit a choke slam on Truth, Daniel tagged himself in and made Truth tap out to the No Lock.  Both men were screaming “I’m the tag team champions” fans with a huge hug it out chant.

Randy Orton VS Tensai, yawn.  Tensai has control of about 99% of the match, Randy Orton wins, shocker…

Damien Sandow is in the ring using big words to insult the crowd.  Zack Ryder comes out!  He says that he spoke to AJ backstage and she made a match, Zack Ryder VS Damien Sandow, right now.  Very good match, Sandow gets the win.

Our tag team main event is up next.  CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio take on John Cena and Sheamus.  Cena got the pin on CM Punk after an Attitude Adjustment, CM Punks foot was on the rope but the referee didn’t see it and counted 3.  CM Punk was screaming at the referee that his foot was on the rope, Heyman was trying to calm Punk down but Punk followed the referee backstage calling him a bad referee and screaming that his foot was on the rope.

Overall, I thought tonight was a great show, aside from MizTV and Orton VS Tensai.  Glad to see some of the lower card guys getting on the show also, albeit it in squash match fashion.  I also like how they’re playing this Cena/Punk thing.

I give tonights show 3.5/5.  Very solid show.