New WWE Champion

Last night at the Royal Rumble we witnessed a new WWE champion being crowed. None other than the The jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising, the best in the present, future and past, and if y’all don’t like me you can kiss the people’s ass! You guessed it, it’s The Rock. CM Punk had an amazing title run. Perhaps the best we’ve seen in 25 years. A great 25-30 minute match. With great spots, great wrestling and great selling, wrestling fans are still complaining. Apparently the people’s elbow is not the finish fans were anticipating. I agree it’s not the strongest booked finish they could have used, but, fighting each other for 30 minutes, after having surgery a month before the match, receiving a Rock bottom on the outside of the ring, it shouldn’t take THAT much to finish off a wrestler. You got to remember he isn’t invincible. If the fight was ‘real’ there is no way any of those men would be standing after the bout. Therefore, an elbow didn’t seem like a ‘soft’ move.

Fans are also complaining that Rock is the WWE champion. Look at it from WWE’s point of view. They are a business and like every business, they will do what is best for business. We’re nearing WrestleMania, last year’s WrestleMania with Rock in the main event was the HIGHEST selling WrestleMania of all time. The WWE will benefit more having The Rock as WWE champion than the other way around. Every time The Rock is mentioned in the media, he will be addressed as ‘the WWE champion’. This gives WWE media attention and exposure. Besides, the majority of you who complained will love The Rock, again, after tonight’s Raw. I also guarantee tonight’s Raw will be the HIGHEST rated Raw in weeks.

And one last point. There is more to come from CM Punk. Much more. Sometimes when a champion loses his title, the story becomes more interesting as this time he’s chasing the title. His character might take a new approach to changing surroundings, he’ll be more in-depth. There might be more of a buzz to him. He might be more exciting to watch. He could be the Undertaker’s next opponent. My point is, losing the title doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

Chris Jericho is back

Oh man. After coming home from a long day at work, I cook my dinner, sit down in my living room to watch the Royal Rumble. I get to the royal rumble match. Excited to see who number two will be. Never did I image it would be none other than the ayatollah of rock and rolla! I marked out worse than Nick Hogan’s tyres! That was the moment of the night for me. And I mean I LITERALLY marked the fuck out! Why? Because I WASN’T EXPECTING IT. That’s why I never read any rumble rumours, I like to be surprised. Though, I do believe Jericho also worked the fans thinking he was attending a music conference which is great too. Jericho loves pro wrestling as much as anyone. He respects the business and knows the show is better when you’re surprised. Better yet, he’ll be staying until at least after WrestleMania. There’s talks within WWE that he will be in program with Ryback, I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see. If he can’t have a decent match with Jericho, there won’t be much more for him to do in WWE. We won’t be seeing Ryback long term is what I’m saying.

This is my first column in weeks. I haven’t wrote about wrestling for a couple of reasons. I have been extremely busy as of late and simply didn’t have the time to write. I also wasn’t that motivated to write as not much was really happening in the crazy world of professional wrestling. Now that we’re coming into WrestleMania season, as there’s more to actually talk about, I expect to write at least once a week. I’ll try at least. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I would love to know your thoughts on the two subjects. Whether it’s a hated rant or a heart-warming poem, I don’t care! I just want to read your feedback. All newcomers are welcome to comment 🙂


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