Hey guys! Before I start with the actual blog, I want to do a quick introduction. My name is Jon, also commonly known as JHF. I’m a young one, 16 as of the day this is posted (Yes, that means my birthday is today). But I’ve been a fan my entire life, and I’m familiar with the history of pro wrestling. I’m also the one that put together that lovely head banner that we’re using right now.

This was typed before Raw on Monday, so as you read this, Raw hasn’t happened yet.

So yeah, WrestleMania was last night, and what an event it was. Now, off the heels of wrestling’s biggest event, WWE will be booking their way up to Extreme Rules, which takes place on May 19th. Based off of WrestleMania, it seems like we could get quite a few possibilities out of the match results. Getting there is half the battle, and my blogs will offer my ideas on what I think should be done to get successful TV, which keeps the audience hooked. Not what I think will be happening, but what would, in my opinion, be more successful all around. I may throw in some elements of what might actually be happening, and sometimes, what I would do might end up actually happening. This is meant to be as realistic as possible. Taking into account backstage things that I know will be happening, such as, this time, CM Punk taking off, or Rock being advertised for Extreme Rules.

WWE Championship

Extreme Rules Poster

John Cena defeated The Rock for the WWE Championship. Now the WWE Champion is going to be around every week. What should happen tonight is John Cena starts Raw, that’s a given. He’ll say that after losing last year, he finally got his retribution, and go on a promo about how he’ll be holding the WWE Championship. This is when The Rock comes out and congratulates Cena. He goes on about how Cena finally won, and ends with saying he wants a rematch. Cena accepts it, and we have out Extreme Rules main event. Cena competes in a match, and that’s the last we see of Rock that night. The next few weeks has Cena doing promos and having matches, while Rock isn’t there, playing games with Cena. Then, Rock comes out during another of Cena’s promos, and says that he has to win back the WWE Championship to be the greatest of all time. Cena says he can’t let Rock beat him, and they stare down to close that show. The next week, with 2 weeks until Extreme Rules, Rock would start the show and do one of his promos, one of the ones he’s famous for. Cena interrupts Rock and does one of his promos. Cena fights in the main event, and Rock interferes in the match. The next week, we have one final promo battle of some sort to end Raw, and that brings the WWE Championship match into Extreme Rules. SmackDown and Main Event would be used for video recaps as always.

World Heavyweight Championship

With Del Rio having retained, and Jack Swagger most likely serving 30 days suspension for his DUI earlier in the year. So, in the coming weeks on SmackDown, a tournament is held to determine the next #1 Contender. Orton, Sheamus, Show, Kane, Bryan, Henry, Ryback and Barrett compete in it. The first week, Ryback would knock out Henry and Show takes Orton out. The next week, Sheamus beats Kane and Barrett beats Bryan. The week after that, Sheamus takes out Ryback after interference from Henry, and Barrett takes Show out after help from Orton. Bringing it down to Sheamus and Barrett, Barrett wins and gets the World Title match. On the episode of SmackDown before Extreme Rules, the next week, Swagger returns and somehow gets into the match, making the match it a triple threat.

The Shield

The Shield is still unbeaten in WWE, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Tonight, The Shiled should come out and talk about their major victory against Orton, Sheamus and Show. Orton and Sheamus walk out and say they aren’t done with The Shield yet, but are occupied on SmackDown with the tournament, so this rivalry would have to stick to Raw. The Shield attacks Sheamus and Orton after their matches on Raw over and over. Orton runs down for the save after one of Sheamus’s matches, but The Shield gets the upper hand over Orton and Sheamus anyway. On SmackDown, as Orton and Sheamus will both be out of the tournament at this point, Booker T announces a 2 on 3 handicap match, as Orton and Sheamus take on The Shield. During all this, on SmackDown, Big Show is getting himself involved in Orton and Sheamus’s business, in the tournament.


It’s… FAHHHHN DAHHHHN GOOOO! Fandango got the big win over Jericho in his match against him at WrestleMania, so the question is, what’s the next step for Fandango? I believe his next program will involve Wade Barrett in some capacity. Barrett goes far in the tournament on SmackDown, while on Raw and SmackDown, Fandango competes in matches, getting wins over smaller guys. Barrett gets eliminated from the tournament, and Fandango attacks him. Barrett vs. Fandango is made for Extreme Rules, and Barrett gets an attack on Fandango. Leading into the Pay-Per-View, Fandango gets one final attack on Barrett, and they go into WrestleMania with Fandango having the momentum.

Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro needed to be on the ‘Mania card in some way, but he wasn’t. The feud I thought we were going to see was the return of Christian, and their feud continue. When Christian got injured, he was feuding with Cesaro. So when he comes back, he should continue that feud. Cesaro wins a match tonight, quick squash match. Cesaro gets on the mic and says he issues an open challenge to anyone, and Christian goes out. Christian gets the clean win over Cesaro, and on SmackDown, Christian wins another match. He beats R-Truth in a #1 Contenders match, and gets the US Title match at Extreme Rules. At this point, Christian teams with Miz, and Cesaro teams with Kofi, as Cesaro has the momentum heading into Extreme Rules.

The Miz

Miz will be defending the Intercontinental Championship. His first title defense would be tonight on Raw, and he’ll retain, against Barrett. SmackDown will have Miz in a match, no big deal. Raw will feature a #1 Contenders Match for the title, with Kofi Kingston getting the win. Miz, who was at ringside, goes into the ring for a handshake, and Kofi turns heel by attacking Miz with a Trouble in Paradise. On SmackDown, Miz hosts Miz TV, with Kofi as his guest. Kofi ends up attacking Miz, but Miz gets the last laugh. They each get wins the next few weeks, and they have a tag match, as Miz teams with Christian and Kofi teams with Cesaro. Going into Extreme Rules, Kofi and Cesaro have the momentum, and we see a good match.

Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler has had the Money in the Bank briefcase for almost 9 months now, as long as Edge had it. He doesn’t have much time left with the briefcase. Before he becomes a World Champion, he needs to become a legitimate main eventer instead of an upper mid carder. Tonight, Ziggler faces Jericho in a match, and Jericho gets the win. Langston attacks Jericho after the match, and Jericho is snubbed from the World Title tournament. Ziggler does a promo, saying he was able to end Jericho’s career in August, and says he hasn’t been happy to see Jericho back. Vickie Guerrero books Jericho/Ziggler for Extreme Rules, and they have the same kind of feud, minus the end of career thing for Jericho. Ziggler attacks Jericho a few times with the briefcase, and Langston finished him off. On the go home show to Extreme Rules, SmackDown, Jericho stops the attack from Ziggler with a Codebreaker and flees from the ring before Langston can do anything, so he ends with the momentum. Other guys that will be in some sort of angle going towards Extreme Rules are Team Hell No, Team Rhodes Scholars, Tons of Funk and Kaitlyn. An AJ/Kaitlyn match, and a Triple Threat Tag Title Match. I promise that as I do more of these, they will get better and better. This is the first time I’m doing this, in blog form anyway. But thanks for reading and if you think would like to see something similar or something I said, feel free to comment!