The winner of tonight’s spot on “match of the night” undoubtedly goes to the main event, Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton. Needless to say, There was no shortage of high flying or hard hitting during this bout. Now of course we’ve seen these two face off in the ring previously on RAW, So from that match alone i could already tell that this would more than likely be the match of the night. But before we get into further details, lets talk about how their match on Monday ended.

At the end of Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton on RAW, Orton was heavily in control outside of the ring. He was slamming Bryan into the barriers, The ring, And just about everywhere in between. After minutes of the “bryan beating”, the doctors and referee asked Bryan if he could continue. Daniel Bryan being the resilient individual that he is replied “yes”. But in fear for his health they called a stop to the match and Randy Orton (winner) helped Bryan to the back. This is what Bryan said to be “the first time a match of his was stopped in his 13-15 year wrestling career”. And that’s what lead us to this match on Smackdown.

As the bell rang on Smackdown, Daniel Bryan charged Orton with a connecting running knee. The two found their way to the corner where they fought for control. They went back and forth, Daniel Bryan delivering devastating kicks and Orton with bone crushing punches. Orton eventually gained control but Bryan is quick to go for a suplex until Randy reverses with a suplex of his own. This match was a lot of back and forth. Randy going for a knee drop, Bryan moving, Bryan goes for submissions, Orton reversing. We come back from commercial with Bryan delivering multiple punches to Orton who then returns with a dropkick and a pin, only to have Bryan kick out at two. Orton sets Bryan up for a superplex but Bryan reverses with a missile dropkick. They are both down for the count until Bryan springs to his feet. Orton brings himself to the corner and Bryan starts with the lighting fast kicks we are all so familiar with. Just as you think Orton is done for, He eventually hits Bryan with a low but fast driving power slam and a pin. Bryan once again kicks out at two. Bryan makes his way to the top rope but Randy stops him and delivers a superplex. Randy going for the pin but comes up short with Bryan kicking out at two. Orton digs deeper into his bag of tricks and hits Bryan with a DDT from the second rope. Just as Orton is setting up for the RKO Daniel Bryan rolls out. We start to see a repeat of their match on RAW when Orton starts slamming Bryan on the barrier. Randy starts to get more aggressive by going for another DDT, this time from the ring apron. but Bryan stops his momentum by tossing him into the barrier. Bryan takes to the air with a diving knee from the apron that connects. Both superstars are down for the count outside the ring until Daniel Bryan climbs back in only to dive through the ropes at a 7 count making the 10 count restart. Bryan returns to the ring at the last minute and Orton gets counted out. Daniel Bryan stands victorious but gets on the mic saying he doesn’t want to win by count out. This is where the show ends.

I found this to be Match of the night because it had a little bit of everything. High flying, brawling, and no boring spots. The crowd was noticeably into this match more than the others and i cant wait to see what’s to come this Monday on raw. Judging by how Daniel Bryan has spent the past few weeks of wrestling, Id say he’s in for a good push that he (in my opinion) deserves. I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready for him to display his wrestling skills and make his way to the top. Hopefully no more comedy acts or gimmicks. Daniel Bryan is one of the best and its time we all get to see it.

Do you agree this was match of the night? If not, which do you feel was? Comment below!

This column was written by Tyler Rushing.