On this edition of the Rambling Matters podcast the team discuss: 

  • How TNA should spend their budget
  • How the Aces and Eights should have been formed
  • TNA’s ‘logical’ booking
  • The Main Event Mafia 
  • Hulk Hogan’s politics:. ”If Hulk Hogan wins the TNA world title the whole world will fall down”
  • Daniel Bryan getting over in the WWE 
  • John Cena and Mark Henry’s promo work 
  • The CM Punk and Paul Heyman segments from Raw this past Monday
  • Jericho vs. Ryback at MITB: ”How the fuck did that happen?!”
  • How many shows should WWE put on every week?
  • The Tag Team division in the WWE
  • The competitors announced for the Money in the Bank ladder match
  • Discussing The Big Show’s talent
  • Chris Benoit and how it affected the wrestling business 
  • How the business was affected by WCW running to the ground 
  • The affect hardcore fans have on pro wrestling.

Hosted by Michael, joined by George and Daniel of Wrestling Rambles and Chris from Headlocks2Headlines.com. Produced by Brian of RunningTheRopes podcast.

The wrestling knowledge of the four guys is fantastic in my opinion. The podcast is new and still growing and we will try our best to improve the sound quality. It’s a very interesting, entertaining and RAMBLING podcast so please check it out. In two/three weeks we will be taking questions from listeners and answering them on the show for you. We also hope to get it on iTunes soon. 

**This is the recording, as soon as I get the produced version I will link you to it – http://www.mediafire.com/listen/gj0rww0p5oto29y/2013-06-25_time_20_08_02_s_Conference.mp3