I had a difficult time trying to pick a match to review this week so I decided to pick a match that happened on today’s date. I did some research and I found out today is the seven year anniversary of the RVD vs. Edge vs. Cena WWE Championship triple threat match. That match has been recognized by WWE several times, but I don’t consider it to be a very well-known match so I thought it was a good match to review this week.

The Facts:

  • This match happened at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The attendance was 15,993. The Wachovia Center (now known as the Wells Fargo Center) hosted the Steve Austin vs. The Rock WrestleMania XV match, the 2004 Royal Rumble match won by Chris Benoit and the Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind Mind Games match. This arena is hosting the 2013 WWE Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View.
  • This was the RAW episode that featured DX taking over the production truck.
  • Rob Van Dam’s WWE Championship was on the line in this match. RVD won the title from John Cena at One Night Stand on June 11, 2006.
  • According to a list published by WWE.com, this was the #33 greatest match of John Cena’s career.
  • WWE.com published a list of the top 50 greatest matches in RAW history and this match was #8.
  • This match is on the Edge: A Decade of Decadence and The Best of RAW 15th Anniversary DVDs.
  • The announcers were Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler.
  • The time length of this match shown on TV was 8:25.
  • The match can be watched at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNWQ7biu3VE.

The Match:

This match started with all three men waiting for someone to make the first move. John Cena and Rob Van Dam decided to double team Edge in the corner. Cena and RVD took turns hitting Edge. It’s like a tag team handicap match! Cena whipped Edge into a different corner and RVD hit Edge with a running heel kick. Cena hit Edge with a fisherman’s suplex. Edge was thrown out the ring and RAW went to a commercial break.

After the commercial break, Edge was still outside the ring. RVD got Cena on the top rope and he was going for a superplex. Edge came out of nowhere and pushed RVD which caused Cena to get knocked down to the floor outside the ring. Edge slammed RVD off the turnbuckles and covered RVD with Edge’s feet on the ropes. Referee Mike Chioda saw Edge’s feet on the ropes and stopped the count. RVD rolled up Edge and Edge kicked out at two. The kick-out pushed RVD towards the ropes and RVD knocked down Cena who was on the ring apron trying to get back into the ring. RVD knocked Edge down with a kick. RVD did a cartwheel that turned into a backflip onto Edge. RVD covered Edge and Edge kicked out. Edge was whipped into the ropes and Cena pulled Edge out of the ring. Cena pushed Edge into the ring steps. RVD jumped out of the ring and landed on Cena. RVD threw Cena into the ring. Cena kicked out of a pin attempt. Cena fireman carried RVD and was trying to do the FU, but RVD got away from Cena. RVD ducked a clothesline attempt from Cena and ran into a clothesline from Edge. Cena had Edge up for a vertical suplex and RVD hit Edge with a crossbody off the top rope! Nice spot! RVD tried to hit Edge and Cena with rolling thunder, but they caught him and slammed RVD down. Cena and Edge hit each other with a double clothesline. Jerry Lawler was on commentary and he rooted either Edge or Cena to win because they were the “RAW guys” and RVD was the “ECW guy”. The funny thing was that Cena was a babyface and Edge was a heel and Lawler didn’t care which one won the match because he wanted the WWE Championship back on RAW. All three men were down and the referee started counting. Jim Ross was confused because it was a triple threat match that could only end via pinfall or submission so he didn’t know why Chioda was counting. They got up and RVD was able knock both Edge and Cena down. RVD tried to whip Edge into the corner and Edge reversed it. RVD stopped himself from hitting the turnbuckles and Edge tossed RVD out of the ring. Cena hit Edge with clotheslines and shoulder blocks. Cena hit Edge with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena FUed Edge out of the ring. Lita entered the ring with a steel chair. Cena hit Lita with the FU! RVD got back in the ring and hit Cena with the Van Daminator! RVD went for the Five Star Frog Splash and missed! Cena hit RVD with the FU! Before Cena could pin RVD and become the new champion, Edge hit Cena with the WWE Championship title belt! Edge pinned RVD and became the new WWE Champion!

Winner: Edge

Rating: ***1/2

In my opinion, this was a match that was better than good, but wasn’t great. I think WWE.com calling it the #8 greatest match in RAW history is a little bit too high. This was an enjoyable match and the main reason WWE has put this match on multiple DVD sets has to be the title change that happened. The WWE Championship has changed hands on RAW only two times since this match (not including when the title was vacated which guarantees a new champion). The last time someone won the WWE Championship on RAW was almost two years ago when John Cena defeated Rey Mysterio on July 25, 2011. I didn’t see this triple threat match when it happened, but I imagine that a lot of fans were surprised that Edge was the RAW superstar who won the title and not Cena. The ending of this match was great and I like how Edge “stole” the WWE Championship away from Cena. Edge was known as the “ultimate opportunist” during his career and this match was one of the many times Edge found an opportunity to win the WWE Championship and succeeded. I like it when WWE has major title changes on RAW and I hope the next one happens soon.


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