Welcome to this week’s Insight into Impact article, where my review is bringing you the results and news from the 18th July 2013 special episode of Impact, Destination X! So, without further ado, let’s get on with this….

The show opens with the 9 X-Division guys vying for the X-Division title tonight (including a surprise entrant), before we’re shown a into video highlighting Chris Sabin.

Once the video is done, Bully Ray heads to the ring, and he’s fed up of hearing everyone talk about Chris Sabin, who doesn’t have a shot in hell of winning. Bully says he’ll defeat Sabin, the Aces will destroy the Main Event Mafia, so seeing as that’s sorted, he wants Brooke Hogan out here…sadly, she does appear, looking too much like her mother! Anyways, Brooke says she’s moving on, and Bully should too. Bully says she’ll move on when he says so, which brings out Papa Hogan. Hulk says Bully’s “raped and pillaged” the company enough and got what he wants in the Title, it ends because enough is enough. The Hogans go to leave, and Bully says he’ll never divorce Brooke, and he’ll never lose the World Title….and there’s nothing anyone can do. Kurt Angle appears on the big screen to say the Mafia’s here to fight the Aces, and make sure Bully loses the title in a fair fight. Bully isn’t too pleased, as we cut to Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash hyping the show.

Bobby Roode is walking backstage and asked if Destination X brings back bad memories, Roode says yes, and mentions “fluke”. He says he has 0pts so far, but will pick up points tonight on the road to becoming World Champion again.

Match 1: Austin Aries defeats Bobby Roode by pinfall in a time of 11:55 to win 7pts for the BFG Series

Quick opening to this match with both Dirty Heels trying to get the upperhand, before Aries sends Roode to the outside, followed by a flying forearm off the top rope. Aries goes high risk again, and Roode dropkicks him, before taking control of the match into the break. Back from the ads, Aries knocks Roode off the top rope, before a 450 splash for a 2 count. Roode rolls out the ring to avoid Aries, which results in Aries hitting the Suicide Dive onto the ramp. Aries tries to set up for the end, but Roode counters into a Crossface, which Aries reverses for a pin and 2 count. Aries tries the corner dropkick again, which is blocked, as is another Brainbuster attempt. Roode goes for the Pay-Off which is countered, so Roode puts Aries on his shoulders, Aries elbows Roode, before hitting a Brainbuster for the win!

As Aries walks off backstage, Roode isn’t happy, and flips out. Roode smashes a screen on the floor, throws chairs and equipment about before storming off.

Hernandez with Homicide backstage, Homicide is excited about tonight….when Chavo Guerrero comes in. Chavo wishes Homicide good luck, as Homicide leaves. Chavo then says how he’s gonna win the X-Division title, and Hernandez will win the BFG Series, setting them both up for Destination X next year….fuck no!

Mr Anderson is backstage with the Aces (minus Bully Ray), saying how because D.O.C. didn’t get the vote for VP, he’s handed in his cut and left. He mentions how they know what they have to do tonight, before they walk off….

Match 2: Sonjay Dutt defeats Homicide and Petey Williams by pinfall in a time of 4:07

Homicide clears the ring, before slingshooting himself over the top onto Williams and Dutt. Back inside, Dutt and Williams counter each other’s attempts at an attack, before Williams strikes with a DDT. Williams locks in a leg lock on Dutt, allowing Homicide to leap off the top with a headbutt. Homicide drops Williams, before catching Dutt with a cutter. Homicide puts Dutt in a tree of woe position, and tries to finish Williams off, but after many counter-reversals, Williams goes to the top where Dutt is, Dutt german suplexes him, before Homicide hits the Gringo Killer for 2 as Dutt breaks the count. Dutt drops Homicide in the corner, before hitting the moonsault stomp for a 3 count.

Match 3: Manik defeats Chavo Guerrero and Kenny King by pinfall in a time of 4:35

Chavo is sent to the outside, so King can beat down Manik. Manik responds with a Octopus Hold, before trying a leglock. Chavo tries to suplex Manik, but Manik with a Northern Lights Suplex to Chavo while still holding the leglock on King! Manik is then knocked to the outside, but is quickly back in with a crossbody to both King and Chavo. Chavo elevates Manik who dropkicks King, before a crucifix to Chavo. Chavo responds with suplexes to both Manik and King, but as he tries to end it, Manik blocks Chavo, King sends Manik into the 2nd turnbuckle, before kicking Chavo off the top rope. King gloats, allowing Manik to hit the double underhook hold into his knees for the pinfall.

Sting hypes up the Main Event Mafia saying how tonight is the night they were re-formed for. Rampage Jackson says he’s gonna knock someone out, before they leave the room on their way somewhere.

We’re shown another video on Chris Sabin, before we cut to Sabin with Hulk Hogan. Hogan talks about how Sabin’s injuries have been a set up for glory. He tells Sabin to make sure people remember him, and to bring the title home to TNA.

The Main Event Mafia head to the ring, and Sting says they gave the Aces a fair warning, and they’re looking for them. Kurt Angle mentions how they’re the greatest array of champions and fighters, and they’re gonna prove it now. Magnus says they’re all ready, and asks if Louisville is ready, before calling for the Aces. Mr Anderson apepars on the screen saying they won’t appear when the Mafia call them, and they have a celebration planned for after the show….in fact, Anderson invites them to come join them. Samoa Joe suggests they’re thirsty, they’re gonna take their drinks and beat down the Aces. The Mafia head off backstage, where they spot Mr Anderson. As the Mafia follow Anderson into a room, Bully Ray and Devon grab Angle and throw him into a pick up truck, which drives off, while Devon tries to hold the door shut to keep the other Mafia guys inside!

Match 4: Greg Marasciulo defeats Rockstar Spud and Rubin by pinfall in a time of 6:27

Marasciulo takes advantage early on, removing Spud from the ring, before Rubix delivers a Suicide dive to Spud. Spud tries to pin Marasciulo but fails, before Rubix smashes Spud to the canvas and delivers a dropkick to the Brit. Rubix with a dropkick and then huricanrana to Marasciulo, before hitting a German Suplex to Spud for 2. Spud tries for a German of his own, but Marasciulo dropkicks Spud to the outside, before delivering a flip dive to the outside. As Marasciulo tries to keep the momentum going, Rubix drops him in the corner, before a coast to coast dropkick from Rubix! Spud spits at Marasciulo which only annoys Marasciulo who lifts Spud into a Cradle back to belly piledriver position, and mashes Spud into the mat to end the match…

Bully Ray is on the phone to someone, saying how Angle’s face was a picture when this person drove him off earlier. This person is told to take Angle to the place they discussed, and maybe they should do this Mafia style, make Angle an offer he can’t refuse.

Well, next segment, the pick up truck arrives, and Kurt Angle stumbles out of it and heads inside.

Mickie James is in the ring, talking about a segment last week raised the bar of the Knockouts. Yep, her concert in Music City! Ha, clever one, Mickie. Back to Mickie, she says that’s what being the best Knockout Champion is all ab….Gail Kim stops her mid-sentence, to say Mickie is delusional, as the only thing people were talking about is how dominant she was in the ladder match, and the only thing that will make her more perfect, is the Knockouts Title. Mickie says how that match last week was just 2 stars, while her performance was 5 stars. Mickie goes for a slap, but Gail ducks it and strikes Mickie, before they brawl. The referees struggle, but eventually break it up.

Chris Sabin is taping his fists, as Austin Aries appears. Aries says he won’t put down anything Sabin’s done, but he’s only at this level because Aries raised him to this. Aries knows he can beat Bully, and Sabin’s beat Aries….so Sabin has the change to finish that equation, and beat Bully tonight. Aries says he’s pulling for Sabin….

We cut to AJ Styles sat on some stairs saying the X-Division is him, and he put it on the map. Next week, he’s up against Jeff Hardy, a fan favourite and hero…but TNA is no place for heroes, and AJ is taking the points next week.

Match 5: Chris sabin defeats Bully Ray by pinfall in a time of 18:13 to become the NEW TNA World Champion

Bully tries to intimidate Sabin before the bell, but Sabin won’t back down. Bully with open hand slaps to the chest, but Sabin fires back with repeated kicks and punches. Bully shuts him down though, and begins to work on the knee. The Aces and Eights appear on the ramp, who are followed by the Main Event Mafia who cause the Aces to back off. Back from a break, Bully abuses Rampage Jackson and Kurt Angle, while slowly picking at Sabin’s knee. Sabin tries to fight back, but is caught with a hard clothesline. Bully pulls down one of Sabin’s kneepads, before going back to work on it while playing to the crowd, and abusing the Mafia members around ringside. Bully whips Sabin across the ring, and Sabin’s knee gives out, but as Bully charges the corner, Sabin gets a foot up….once more, Bully stops him and drops Sabin on the turnbuckle, before a Bully superplex. Bully tries to set up for a Bully Bomb, but Sabin strikes with an enziguri, before a missile dropkick sends Bully into the referee. Mr Andersone goes to pass the hammer to Bully, which sets off the Aces and Mafia members into a brawl. The brawl goes on around ringside, until everyone disappears leaving Bully and Sabin alone. Bully goes to use the hammer, but Sabin kicks him forcing Bully to drop the hammer. Sabin picks it up and turns into Bully, Bully goes for a powerbomb, only for Sabin to strike with a hammer! Bully falls and Sabin drops on top of him, as the ref turns and counts 1…..2……3!!!

The referee hands the title to Chris Sabin, as we have a NEW World Champion. Bully is dazed, and Sabin heads to the top as we go off air…

Well, there’s only one place to really start, isn’t there? I guess over the past week, I’ve been switching between thinking Sabin or Bully would win, and still hadn’t decided who I expected to win just before the show begun. It doesn’t surprise me that they’ve gone with Sabin as Champion, as it makes a nice success story (cause, you know, he’s had TWO surgeries!). But, I don’t think it’s the right decision. They’ve built it up since Lockdown about how important it is to bring the World Title back from the Aces and Eights, then give it away on a free show, in a fashion where the guy winning it seems to be overshadowed by events surrounding the match. I mean, the whole show seemed to build up to the Main Event Mafia appearing to take care of the Aces and Eights, the brawl that took place just before it too. With this title change, I’m wondering if we’re going down the usual road of TNA changing route mid BFG Series about who’s going to win, and what match up will take place at their “biggest show”. I thought they were going with Magnus so he could end Bully’s reign of terror. Probably end up being Jeff Hardy again, just to stroke his ego. Aside from this, I don’t get why this was supposed to be a show about the past, present and future of the X-Division….yet no bouts featuring 2 guys who MADE the X-Division what it is all those years ago. Sure, AJ Styles appeared for a minute in a segment, but I’d rather have seen him and Daniels on the show fighting (I’m sure they’ve still got to face each other in the BFG Series?). Clever to have the Destination X 2012 main event on this show, just a shame Bobby Roode is the guy getting sod all during this series. Also, I had to laugh at Bully Ray asking whoever drove off with Kurt Angle to take him somewhere and make him an offer….then the very next segment, Angle’s returned. What was the bloody point?!? Must say, I did enjoy seeing the artist formerly known as Trent Barreta on this show. Always felt he was a bit under-used, so kinda hoping TNA can take him on full time, and give him the platform to show how good he is. Also glad to see Rockstar Spud appear, was wondering if he’d be used for this. Not sure who I want to win the Ultimate X match next week, as I’d like Sonjay Dutt to hold it at least once, but would be fine with Greg Marasciulo taking it too. Finally, really liking the way Mickie James’s gimmick is being played out lately. Think I prefer this instead of the “psycho” style heel she’s played berore. Here’s hoping her reign is a long one!

As usual, thanks for taking the time to read this, much appreciated folks!

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