Now that we are a few days out from the official in ring return of Jon Moxley we have a better sense of what we are in for. When he stepped into the ring with Juice Robinson at BOSJ 26 Finals the speculations were over and the questions have been answered. Mox is back and he is ready to fight.

The match was honestly a great return for Moxley because you can literally see his anger and frustrations from the WWE spew out with his all out assault on Juice. I refereed to this match as a fight earlier, and for a good reason, because there was some wrestling in-between the brawl that went around the Ryogoku Sumo Hall in Tokyo. At a couple points in the match Moxley bit Juice on the eyebrow area. Yeah, straight Mike Tyson style, right onto his face.

These two fought back and forth, however it was Moxley that seemed to dominate most of the match. On the flip side of that, Juice fought like a true champion and gave it everything he had. As the match went on you could see the subtle changes in Juice and how he was dealing with this fight. At one point he yelled at Red Shoes and cursed at him, leaving even Red Shoes at a loss. The match went on and at one point Moxley suplexed Juice into the air, releasing him on the way up leaving Juice’s body to fly into the air, landing on his side and back, striking the mat violently. Moxley literally threw him into the air. Like I said, it was a fight.

Moxley eventually went on to win this match, cementing his return to pro wrestling. Moxley is now the new IWGP United States Champion, with his first defense just taking place last night at Dominion. After the match, at BOSJ 26, we got to see the backstage interviews with both Moxley and Juice. Moxley thanked the Japanese fans and NJPW for letting him wrestle there, and basically promised to cause more violence and beat more people up. Juice on the other hand was very different. He was obviously angry, upset, mad, and wondering what the hell just happened. This was a much different Juice than we are use to seeing. Go watch the match and both interviews to really get a grasp on everything, and how both of these men will continue going forward.

Jon Moxley is without a doubt red hot in the pro wrestling world right now and this win shows that. He is the new IWGP United states Champion in his first match back, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Juice seems to be on a new path, one a little more on the heel or darker side of the pro wrestling spectrum. However, I have a feeling we might see these two go at it again in the near future. These two had a really interesting and good match. It was different and something I wasn’t expecting. The future for these two will be fun to watch.