Last week on Raw, we saw the appearance of Diamond Dallas Page. DDP laid out Heath Slater courtesy of the Diamond Cutter. I’m going with a DDP edition of “Remember When” this week. So get ready to feel the BANG!

Do you remember when DDP and Kevin Nash were the Vegas Connection?

It was WCW 1991, DDP was already an established manager in both WCW and AWA managing the likes of Badd Company, Curt Hennig, Madusa, The Freebirds, Diamond Studd, etc. However, towards the beginning to the new decade, rumors had been speculating that WCW was going to break apart the Diamond Studd (Scott Hall) from DDP. Page sought the advice of Wrestling legend, Magnum T.A who told DDP he should break in as a Wrestler. So, DDP did just that by taking some time off in 1991 to train under the tutelage of Buddy Parker, The Assassin, and Dusty Rhodes.

Later that year he made his Wrestling debut at the age of 35. He mostly worked as a jobber, then he moved on to form a stable with Studd, Scotty Flamingo (Raven) and Vinnie Vegas (Kevin Nash) in 1992 called the Diamond Mind. The following year, after Flamingo and Studd left the stable, DDP and Vinnie formed a tag team called the Vegas Connection. They had mild success, winning matches from jobber teams. However the team wouldn’t last very long as DDP would be on the injured reserved list due to a torn rotator cuff he got during a tag match with Tex Slazenger and Shanghai Pierce (The Godwinns).

The team of DDP and Nash would be formed once again in WCW in late 2000 against the Natural Born Thrillers. This time their team was called The Insiders. They would go on to become the WCW Tag Team Champions later in the year.

I wonder which legend will appear on Raw tonight. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Thanks for reading y’all.

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