As you maybe aware, the tragic story today has been surrounding a girl named Hayleigh who sadly passed away along with her mother as her house was burned down overnight last night.

This has left her fellow family with nothing. The story of this girl has led to #RIPHayleigh trending most of the day via Twitter and has touched the heart of thousands of wrestling fans, including myself.

Many wrestlers and personalities, including the WWE directly, have personally tweeted about her and her dedication to the WWE events.

There’s a set-up fund campaign to raise money to help her family in salvaging their living arrangements. Their goal is £3,000/$4700. Whilst times are tight, there’s always someone worse off. The wrestling community has come together to remember this girl, so if you can donate anything at all, it would clearly help the family.

The link is:

I just want to say that I am proud to call myself a wrestling fan when so many wrestling fans have come together to support the family of the young girl. Wrestling Rambles was probably the first website to post the tragic incident and hopefully it made an impact for the trend.  Wrestlers have sent their condolences and it is magnificent to see. WWE try to create a ”universe” and quite frankly, it does feel like we are a part of a ”Universe”. We need to get WWE to acknowledge this and tweet #RIPHayleigh. It’s the least they could do. If you’re on Twitter please support the trend and encourage WWE to do so too.