Get a grip, Dixie

Good afternoon ramblers. It has been a while since I last posted but TNA’s recent programming has encouraged me to post my infuriating thoughts. As a fan of pro wrestling it sickens me that I have to say bad things about it because I hate being negative. However, it pisses me off the way TNA have been run the last couple of weeks. They let go of numerous talents in order to cut their costs as being on the road is very expensive. They then bring in Tito Ortiz. I presume he was not cheap. Tito was the August 1 Warning which I actually stayed up until 4 AM last night to find out who it was. August 1 Warning was hyped up to the max and it got to a stage where fans expected this person to be Batista or Bill Goldberg, Staying up all night for a crappy pay off annoyed me. It made me think, why did I bother watching?! 

That is one of TNA’s many problems; crappy payoffs. They do so well building and hyping someone up and the payoff is crap. Look at how they hyped up Chavo Guerrero’s coming to TNA, he can barely even get on the card now. The same with Rampage Jackson – like what the hell has he done since signing for TNA? The same with King Mo and many more. They’ve made NO IMPACT. 

I also find it a little insulting that TNA have brought in Tito. I am a huge fan of MMA and I appreciate the sport as much as pro wrestling. Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz are undoubtedly two huge MMA legends and they are about to embark in a scripted feud then fight for ‘real’ in a couple of months for Bellator. Seriously? I’m beginning to think MMA is scripted too. (Joke) 

Then the hypocrisy of Dixie Carter is even more infuriating. A little over a year ago one of TNA’s promising young talents, Jesse Sorensen broke his neck for TNA. The young wrestler was promised a job for life with TNA then a few weeks back he was released from his contract. You’re a joke Dixie. And I thought ”WRESTLING MATTERS”. Printed on huge banners across the Impact Zone taking a direct shot at WWE. Maybe you should watch WWE, Dixie, and learn how a wrestling show works. Say what you want about the WWE but they know how to appeal to wrestling fans of all ages:


  • For the kids they have John Cena, Sheamus, Brodus Clay etc..
  • For the hardcore fans there have CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, The Shield etc.. 
  • For the more casual fans they have interesting characters like the Wyatt Family 
  • They have at least one great ”4 star” quality match for free every week on Television 
  • They give us NEW stuff
  • They do not hire old MMA guys and wrestlers who are past their prime
  • They are pushing plenty of young talent every week, they are trying at least 
  • They do not release wrestlers that break their necks for them – Austin, Edge etc.. they support them and pay for their treatment
It’s not the 80s anymore

No wonder TNA are struggling. Bad business decisions, a lack of creativity. I tell you what TNA needs – they need a Vince McMahon. They need a promoter who is ruthless, one who understands the wrestling business and one who is THE BOSS. I can just picture Dixie about to do something then Hulk or Eric intervene with it. Basically they need a ruthless son of a bitch who makes tough decisions that not everyone likes – that has to be made – like releasing HULK HOGAN – and decisions that make sense. Not getting rid of half your WRESTLING roster for 3 MMA guys. 

I am only being this negative and this annoyed because I care. I am just a passionate fan of prow wrestling. Any true wrestling fan will WANT TNA to succeed and reach to a higher level. But the problem also lies with their network – Spike TV – and TNA happen to be one of their highest rated shows so no pressure is being put on TNA to force themselves to improve their product. That’s another thing…what is their product? Who are they trying to appeal to? What direction are they headed towards? 

It just pisses me off so much because they actually have a great wrestling roster. Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin, James Storm, Austin Aries etc.. but who are they pushing? Kurt Angle, Sting, Hulk Hogan etc.. They are pushing the wrong guys, wrestlers who are well past their prime. The future should be bright for TNA but there seems to be dark light looming over it. 

Thanks for reading, now I want to know your thoughts. The comment system below is easy to use so why not let me and other wrestling fans know what you think? Because here at wrestling rambles…opinions matter.